Friday, November 21, 2014

Plot Generator

Writer's block for students won't be a problem if they use Plot Generator! Click the button and a story idea is suggested.


"A unicyclist who dreams of being on American Idol betrays a genie from Maine."

Hmmmmmm... it could be fun!


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Make Cool Images

Below are samples of just a few of the "image generators" you can use on this site!

More Image Fun

Below are more fun things you can do on Say-it.

Create an Airline Ticket

This could be a good writing prompt for students!!


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Falling Dominos Create "Starry NIght"

In this Youtube video, dominos are set up and the "launched " to create a version of Van Gogh's "Starry Night." Useful for physics?
At the end of the video are lot of other domino launch videos to click and view.

11 Places Planes Can't Fly Over in the US

This is an interesting article that gives the restrictions for 11 places in the US where planes are not allowed to fly. It could generate a good class discussion as to the reasons and how this list should/could be updated and/or changed.