Binion E-Meeting

January 11th, 2016

Original Design!

DON’T Forget…

Attached is the proof of the front and back of our BOB shirts for this year.

The shirt color will be similar to the background color shown-grayish.

If you would like to order one please send me $15 (cash or check made out to JCB) along with the SIZE by Tuesday Jan. 12th!

Adult S-XL are $15

2XL-3XL are $2 more

Child sizes are $12 S-L

If you are new to our campus the plus to buying the shirt is it’s also worth jeans the day of the Competition…January 28th J

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Shout Outs!

Congratulations to Ms. Venegas on your engagement. We're very excited for you!

Upcoming Events

Monday January 11th Yellow- ART/PLC Day. 3rd, 2nd and 4th grade will meet in Room 121. 1st, 5th and Kinder will meet in the Science Lab, Staff Meeting after school 3:45 for teachers. ASPIRE Spring semester starts. STAFF MEETING AGENDA

Tuesday January 12th Green -College Shirt Day, Hager ILT, Smith/Hager Behavioral RTI Meeting, Smith-training (PM)

Wednesday January 13th Blue- Windsuit Wednesday, ARDS, Campus Spelling Bee 3rd-5th grade, LOL Meeting 3:45

Thursday January 14th Purple-4th grade Writing Training, Trinity Science Solutions during specials K-5th,

Friday-January 15th Red-Safety Patrol Breakfast,

Thank you Mrs. Steed for CHATTERPIX awareness!

ChatterPix How To
Kindergarten Word Wall Words with Chatterpix Kids

Brittany's Corner

Guys, I am so impressed with y'all. Coming back after a break can be tough, but, nope, not for y'all. You all hit the ground running and dug deep into planning for the upcoming weeks. Keep it up!

Great job this week on the new morning procedures. I have noticed the hallways are less chaotic and more orderly. I'm interested to hear your feedback if you have any.

Decemeber Staff Member of the Month
It's time to nominate a staff member that you feel has gone above and beyond. Please submit your nominations by the end of the day on Tuesday. Click here to nominate someone.

MOY Testing

IMPORTANT - It has been brought to my attention that "admin" was written on the board in the computer lab. The "admin" password should ONLY be entered on each student's computer by the TEACHER when taking a STAR test. The students should not know or be using the admin password.

January 4-15

STAR Math, K-12

January 18-29

Collaborative Conferences, K-12 math - Hilda and I will get a specific date to you.

January 18-29

STAR Early Literacy/Reading, K-8

January 18-29

ISIP, K-3 (Bilingual classrooms only)

January 18-29

STAR Reading in English

(Bilingual 4th and 5th)*

February 1-12

Collaborative Conferences, K-8 reading

*Bilingual students who are newcomers (3 years of less in US schools) or significantly below grade level in reading (Tier 3 in English) will also need to be tested in Spanish with the WRAP.

Someone has asked if our bilingual students are to take both ISIP and the STAR Early Literacy assessment. I do not know the answer YET, but I will find out and let you know.

As always, you can allow your students to take their MOY screener during their computer time with Mrs. Dotson OR you can sign up to take your class at another time. Please see Mrs. Dotson or Ms. Venegas for open computer times.


I know we made a big change in how we assess spelling this year and I stumbled upon the article below. In my opinion, it's interesting and worth reading.

Jeff's Corner

I always enjoy it as we get close to the types of academic competitions in which our children participate. Whether it's Reflections, Spelling Bee, Battle of the Books, Destination Imagination, or others, it takes teacher and parent support. Thanks for your ownership and encouragement of these endeavors!

With the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday approaching, look for those teachable moments about an individual whose contributions and sacrifices have benefited us all.

Get to Know your Colleagues!
This week's clues about the staff member...

* Born: F-a-a-a-a-r to the east... (I suppose if you went REALLY far to the west you would eventually get there, too...)
* Grew up in Hurst
* Graduate of UTA
* An exciting event(s): Playing an instrument in concerts with some nationally known musicians
*Favorite vacation trip taken: Dominican Republic
* Bucket list vacation trip: Ireland
* Embarrassing moment: Once again, I don't think I will say... you ask the staff member...!!!
* Favorite foods: Tex-Mex, Pizza, Mediterranean
* Hobbies include astronomy and music
* A couple favorite books: The Bible and Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
* A dinner guest for all time: Sir Isaac Newton; "the greatest scientific mind ever..."
* Memorable movies: Rebecca (A. Hitchcock) , The Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Email me your guess by noon Monday. Winning guesses will be entered in a drawing for the jeans pass!

Have a great week!
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Staff Birthdays

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