Martin News

Curriculum Night

Please join us for Curriculum night Tuesday, September 16th @ 6:30. I would love to have you visit the classroom and hear about what is going on during the day in room 504.

NWEA MAP testing

Students will take the Reading NWEA MAP test Monday, September 15th. Please make sure that your child is well rested for the test. We have completed the warm up video in class. Students will also take the Math portion next Monday.

Classroom routines


Unit 1 is a review of first grade math goals. We have used this time to review, assess and begin to develop our math discussions in class. Students have been introduced to some of the math games that will be used during rotations to reinforce Common Core State Standards.

** Don't forget we need empty paper towel rolls.


Students have completed some of the reading station activities as a class so that we all know what is expected when small group work begins. Ask your child about partner work; specifically what it looks like and sounds like to work with a partner or small group. Students have also started building silent reading stamina as we will work on this throughout the year.


Students have listened to read alouds that focused on small moments. They began writing and developing small moment stories this week. Students are learning how to focus on one moment and add details. Discuss an activity that your family has done recently and ask your child to find the small moment that can be used in writing next week.

PBL - Project Based Learning

The second grade students have done an amazing job learning about the essential elements of PBL. Students have completed a mini project to learn how to work together, what to do when they are stuck and how to re-evaluate their work. You will hear more about this mini project at curriculum night. Ask your child what was learned while doing the puzzle project.


Our second grade morning is very long, so students are allowed individual snack every morning. As we have been practicing our routines, students are asked to place their snack on the desk as they begin the day. If possible please help your child remember to take out a snack or pack it separately so that the morning routine will be easier.

Important dates

  • 9/15 - NWEA testing
  • 9/16 - Curriculum Night @ 6:30
  • 9/22 - NWEA testing
  • 10/2 - Parent Teacher Conferences