Module 11 Review Sheet

Abnormal Psychology and Therapy

The Final Exam is Coming Up!

  • The final exam will be taken online similar to how you take a post assessment.

  • There are 85 multiple choice question and 1 essay question.

  • You MUST take the exam on one of these dates, 5/31 or 6/1. Plan accordingly!

  • The exam is worth 20% of your final grade. Your school may count exams differently. If they do they will recalculate your final grade after I submit it.


Howdy! That pretty much wraps up Module 11. To help you study for the post assessment tomorrow and the honors summative on Monday, I have compiled all of the supplemental tools from this week's announcements for you to use to help you study. Remember, when taking both assignments, neither this or any other resource should be open on your screen as NCVPS Academic Policy must be followed.

Psychological Disorders

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Disorders and Abnormal Behavior

TITLE: Disorders and Abnormal Behaviors|AUTHOR: andileigh71|SOURCE:|LICENSE: FREE



Types of Therapies

TITLE: Therapies|AUTHOR: andileigh71|SOURCE:|LICENSE: FREE

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By Gdudycha [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], from Wikimedia Commons
Stress Terms


Did You Know...?

Today many psychologists agree that psychological disorders are characterized by both personal distress and impairment in multiple areas of life.

Learn more about how clinicians define and classify mental disorders and discover how many people are impacted by such disorders every year. (adapted from

Are you on track?

This Week...


1. Begin lesson 1 by reviewing the notes to learn about the Abnormal Behavior.


1. Complete the lesson 1 practice activity

2. Complete the lesson 1 assignment - Abnormal Behavior. In this assignment you will play the role of the clinical psychologist.


1. Begin lesson 2 by reviewing the notes on Types of Therapies. Review the information in the presentation.

2. Complete the lesson 2 practice activity

3. Complete the lesson 2 assignment


1. Begin lesson 3 by reviewing the notes on Stress. Review the information in the presentation.

2. Complete the lesson 3 practice activity

3. Complete the lesson 3 assignment - Stress


1. Module 11 - Post Assessment


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