Anne Frank

and the Children of the Holocaust by Carol Ann Lee


Anne Franks was a normal Jewish girl. She wet to school, she had crushes on boys, she played outside wither her friends, and she had a normal family. Until Hitler came along.

Hitler believed that Jewish people were to be blamed for everything that went wrong. Anne Franks family lived in Frankfurt, Germany. Her and her sister Margot were very close with their parents. Margot was a quiet, smart young girl. Anne on the other hand loved to talk, make jokes, and be a little rascal at times. Their father owned his own business, and their mother stayed at home. Sounds like a normal family right? The franks had a satisfying life...until the Holocaust.

The Franks were forced to leave Germany and move to Amsterdam. After a month, Margot got a letter stating that she would have to report to the trains to go to a concentration camp. The Franks would not let this happen to their daughter, so they decided to go into hiding. Anne didn't have time to say goodbye to all of er friends. She didn't even know about it until she saw her mother and father gathering things. Once they got to the hiding place they had to be quiet, they couldn't go out. They couldn't even write letters to their loved ones. They were in hiding for two years until Nazis pounded on the door and dragged them to Auchwitz concentration camp.

As soon as they got of the train they were separated by men and woman. Mr. Frank was separated from is beloved wife and daughters. it was the last time he would ever see their faces.


1.) Jewish tea hers got fired, Nazis then taught the students. They would terrorize Jewish children at school

2.) Nazis would kill Jews on the streets for no reason. Just because they were Jewish.

3.) About six million Jewish people were killed during the Holocaust.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Who would enjoy this book?

If you don't usually like non-fiction books this ones for you. This book tugged on your emotions. It will help you picture what it was like in the holocaust.