AM National Newsletter

#16 | Week 2 | November 2015

What is LEAD?

The Basics of LEAD | AIESEC in Malaysia
It's that one concept in AIESEC that is difficult for everyone - new members find it hard to understand and older members to explain it! But search no more as we give you all you need to know about LEAD with this short informational video!

What exactly is LEAD? How is it delivered. And, maybe even more importantly, why does it exist? All these questions are now answered! Be sure to click the button below as well to get an informational downloadable booklet of LEAD!

MyLDS Registrations on the Go!

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It's coming! The largest conference in Malaysia is now awaiting your registration to become a delegate and take part in all the action!

MyLDS will serve as a true transformational experience for AIESEC in Malaysia as we engage in our first ever YouthSpeak forum, LEAD-based agenda, transition to a new term and election of our new MCP!

Check out the first delegate mailer and link to the registration form by clicking the button below - registrations are open until the 20th of November at 23:59.

If you are interested in attending MyLDS 2016 in the additional capacity of a Tribal Leader who will help manage a group of delegates, be sure to check out the Tribal Leader application booklet here!

Tis' the Season of Conferences!

Operations Update

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What is the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> LCP Elections Support and BD Hacking

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> Financial Model Review and Internal Control Policies

John (Operations)

-> Operations Team Final Sprint Meeting and Proxy Transition

Peter (iGTP)

-> Sales Meetings and iGTP Functional Summit Agenda

Edward (iGCP)

-> Faci in Switzerland

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> National Raising campaign and Member education

Erik (S&S)

-> iGCP Matching and EP Buddy Pre-RE tracking

Manu (OD)

-> UMP LLDS Faci and Internal Comms

Ana (TM)

-> UMP LLDS Chair and UTM Coaching

JT (Expansion)

-> Expansion & SU Restructuring and oGCP operations support

Paul (Marketing)

-> Opportunity marketing and Ambassador program

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