Why all 200,000 marched in 1963

The reason why

In 1963 a group of 200,000 people gathered in Washington Dc to do a march. They gathered to do this march so they could have freedom , so they can get jobs , and for the most important they did it for equality.

This connected to the civil rights because................................

It is connected to the civil rights because African Americans continued to face cross the country. It also has culminated in Martin Luther Kings "I have a dream speech" , a spiritual call for racial justice and equality.

What was sucsessfful about this event?

In June 1941 president Franklin D Rossevelt issued the executive order 8802 , witch forbidded discrimination by any defense contractors and established the fair employment practices committee.

Problems that occured during / or because of this event are...

One problem that occurred during this event is that the order 8802 reached its victory limits in 1944 with nearly 2 million people who were employed lost their jobs.

How can this event be connected to today ??

This event is connected to today , because all African Americans have the opportunity to have a job , to have freedom , and for every one to have equality. Yes I can see the results , they are that all African Americans around the U.S.A either have jobs , or have the opportunity to have one.

My peronal reaction to this event

My personal reaction to this event is that I am happy to see every body getting treated equally. I'm also happy to see that all African Americans either have jobs or the opportunity to have one .
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