Technical Shizzle Wizzle

At MB2K Island

Order your mining turtle from MB2K Island

A stall has opened in MB2K Island. At this stall, Monkey Boy and the team are selling all sorts of Technical Shizzle Wizzle, like Mining turtles, Computers and all sorts of other machines. Mining turtles will cost 7 industrial credits. For this you will recieve a Mining turtle and a Modem. You will, however, need to purchase a computer seperatley. But do not worry as we also sell comuters. So come along and purchase yours NOW!

Computers and Modems

As well as all the other technical shizzle wizzle, we also sell computers at the MB2K Island store of amazingly awsome things. We do a discount. If you buy one computer or one modem for the price of 10 industrial credits, we will give you one computer for FREE. If you purchase before the 20th of july 2013, you will recieve a 50% discount.

Red power computers

 Not only do we sell computercraft2 computers, we also sell red power computers. Including: ribbon cable, bundled cable, 8K RAM modules, monitors, Central Processing Units and consoles. The other thing we sell is multi-coloured wire including the new MAGENTA coloured wire. We do an amazing sale on our wires as we now sell a pack. There are 5 different packs. These packs are based on 5 colours. Red, Orange, Blue, Green, and Default(white). All packs contain: 5 Ribbon cable, 5 Bundled cable, and 5 Wire. All this for 5 industrial credits. As well as this offer, the team are also selling an ESSENTIALS pack. This pack contains: 1 8K RAM module, 1 CPU, 1 console, 1 monitor, 10 ribbon cable, 10 bundled cable and 10 Default wire. All of this for 15 industrial credits. So come along and purchase yours NOW.


If you stay around, there is a coffee shop where you can have a nice mug of jo and a cookie. so come her to relax and spend all your Industrial credits NOW.