H&R Block


Make our hardware better

Recently our hardware failed. The IRS are stating that they are trying to fix the problem. Our customers and taxpayers haven't yet received their refund they recently said. Since our hardware is failing, it might've causing our customers to leave and join a different tax company.

Fixing the problem

The IRS is working on the problem. The IRS are stating that they have a "claim my refund" page on their website. They are also stating that tax payers will receive an impact on their taxes, and they will have to wait a short amount of time to receive their refund, but they will receive a full refund.

Getting new hardware

Getting a new and better hardware is important because our other hardware has been failing. Getting a new hardware is also important because it might not cause as much hardware failures. and it can last a while. It will be possible that we are going to get new hardware for our company.