Egg Drop Project

Jenna Strenski

Sadly Eggy didn't make it:(

I am going to tell you the steps and process we went through to make a good contraption for Eggy.We named the contraption "Eggy's Home". A firetruck came in and someone dropped each of our contraptions. The point of this was to learn about science more and have fun. Also see who's egg would survive and who's wouldn't.


First, we brainstormed ideas and thought about good contraptions. We had to solve problems through the way but it all worked out! We first made 3 bad contraptions, we then decided that those may not work being dropped by 30 ft. We solved our problems by making more sturdier and better contraptions.


Second, we had to test our design and make sure that it would at least hold up. Because we used almost all of our supplies we were limited. We ended up using a piece of paper for the parachute with straws connecting from the paper to the box. We had a really neat and creative design! We had to make many different changes to our box and parachute contraption because problems kept on occurring. Not many problems but a few.


Third, I think our contraption was going to be a good contraption. At the end when we saw it hit the hard blacktop we knew it didn't survive. By the crack and landing of our Mr.Eggy, we knew it wasn't good. Apparently it wasn't strong enough to be dropped from that high. That's ok that it broke though because I know myself that we put a lot of effort and hard work into Eggy's home. It taught us what we could do different next time!! We could make our contraption better by putting a bigger parachute on it next time. I think that our contraption was pretty good besides that it smacked to the ground too hard.


Overall, we used the engineering side more than the science side because we used all the 9 steps of the engineering process. I really enjoyed this egg drop project because I thought it was fun and interesting!:)


Mr.Eggy died. RIP Eggy:(

This was our egg in the beginning

This is what our egg looked like in the end.

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