Fossil Fuels Energy Games

By: Quinn Milum, Chloe Chan & Matthew Gerger

General knowledge

  • Composed of hydrocarbons
  • Made from decomposed organisms
  • Very stable structure meaning less likely hood of unwanted reactions

Easy Accessibility

  • Technology is already established and implemented
  • Found worldwide
  • Large quantities
  • Easy to transport
  • Reliable, does not depend on natural factors (eg. wind, solar, hydro)
  • 5149.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas remaining
  • Almost all machines/products rely on fossil fuels, instead of alternatives (eg. Cars, Stoves, BBQ, etc.)
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  • Cheaper Energy
  • Cheaper infrastructure
  • Cheaper Transportation
  • Easy to trade, everyone wants fossil fuels
  • Support: Residential, transportation, industrial, commercial, etc.
  • Most globally traded good: #1 Crude Oil and Derivatibes
  • The price of crude oil has gone down compared to the 1970s

How emissions are good for us

  • Combustion reaction
  • Exothermic
  • Creates water!!!
  • The world needs more water
  • Feeds the carbon dioxide to the plants to make more oxygen gas and food

Byproducts of Fossil Fuels

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Energy production

  • 1 barrel of oil = 6.118 x 10^9 J
  • 18 X more production of energy through fossil fuels (Canada)
  • 18 Exajoules (Canada)
  • 1 Exajoule of alternative energy (Canada)
  • High Calorific Value
  • 86.4 % of all global energy comes from fossil fuels

Energy Production Diagram

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Canadian Energy Stats

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BP Statistical Review of World Energy: 2012 Report