By: Bethany Jones

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Slogan: Chlorine

{It goes to the rhythm of The Addams Family theme song)
My element is chlorine,
it keeps you pool from turning green,
it's the best thing I have ever seen,
the element chlorine.
na na na na
{snap snap}
na na na na {
snap snap }
na na na na, na na na na, na na na na
(snap snap)


The atomic number is 17 along with its protons and electrons.
The number of neutrons is 18 and the atomic mass: 35.453.
The symbol for Chlorine is Cl
The cost is $.15 per 100 grams.
Chlorine is classified as a nonmetal. Its normal phase is gas. It has a melting point of -100.98 degrees C, and its boiling point is -34.6 degrees C.
Chlorine belongs to the halogen family and also group 17.
The origin of this element came from the Greek word Khloros (green).
It was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774.

Interesting facts

-Some tree frogs use a poisonous chlorine compound in their skin.
- It was used as a war gas in World War I.
-The most common uses of Chlorine are in Bleaches, Mustard gas, Water purification, Production of chlorates, Paper production, Antiseptic, Insecticides, Paint, Plastics and Medicines.
-Chlorine is the 6th most abundant gas in the Earth’s crust.
-The industries use this chemical to create rubber, pesticides, bleach and solvents.
-More than a few breaths of Chlorine in concentrations of 1000ppm will typically kill you.
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