The Space Race

Man Walks the Moon


For the past few years, Kennedy and NASA have been collaborating on a program known as the Apollo Program. The goal of this program is to safely transport a man to and from the moon. To accomplish this goal, NASA is launching many test rockets and spacecraft in order to prepare for a moon landing. Astronauts will be lifted off off Earth in a space capsule propelled by a large rocket. They will then land on the lunar surface using a lunar lander which will also serve as their recovery vehicle. NASA has already accomplished the goal of sending astronaut Alan Shepard Jr. into space and later John Glenn to orbit the Earth, but there have also been many failures involved in this process including the death of three astronauts in a fire in a prelaunch test. However, NASA is finally launching the Apollo 12 mission on July 20 in which astronaut Neil Armstrong will attempt to land on the moon. This will be the first time this has ever been attempted and if it is successful will prove our technological dominance over the rest of the world.

The Space Race and The Cold War

The Soviet Union

As The Cold War continues, the Soviet Union also begins its race to the moon. Soon the Space Race had become something of political importance and not just for scientific advancement. If the United States lost the Space Race, we would be seen as weak and the Soviet Union would be viewed as our superiors. Kennedy could not let that happen which, unfortunately, led to more Cold War tensions today. As a result of this, Kennedy is putting all his efforts into a successful mission to the moon.