Romeo & Juliet Summitive

Jesalyn Mercer

The Feud and it's Faults

Jesalyn Mercer


English 1


It's the feud between the families fault for Romeo and Juliet's deaths, because their families hate each other so they weren't allowed to be in love with one another because they are supposed to be sworn enemies. The families had always disliked each other so it was only expected for Romeo and Juliet to do the same. "My only love sprung from my only hate" (W. Shakespeare act 2 scene 1).

Their families have raised them and made it seem like it was natural for them to hate each other. The feud between the families is what caused Romeo to be banished which separated the lovers. Because a fight was started and Romeos friend was killed he had to avenge him. "And for that offence immediately do we exile him hence" (W. Shakespeare act 3 scene 1). The death of Tybalt and Mercutio only happened because of the feud. They only fought because they're families are enemies. Therefore, the feud is the reason Romeo and Juliet were separated in the first place, leading to their deaths.

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The lion king 2 vs Romeo & Juliet

These too movies are based on almost the exact same thing. Their families both hate each other and have have a ongoing feud for years. Simba from The Lion King represents king Capulet from Romeo and Juliet they both have daughters that want to be with someone that they aren't allowed to be with which causes conflict. Of course both of the daughters rebel against their fathers rules to be with the boy they love. Both Romeo and Kovu were banished from their homes, but that didn't stop Juliet and Kiara from going and seeing their loves still. In the end Kovu and Kiara ended up together because it was a children's Disney movie, but in Romeo and Juliet it ended horribly with both lovers taking their own lives.

Love Story by Taylor swift

The song is based off of Romeo and Juliet as you can hear in the song. Taylor Swift is Juliet and her father wont let her be with "Romeo". As Juliet did in the play, Taylor Swift rebelled to go and see her love even though it was against her fathers rules. In both stories the father is keeping their daughter away from the boy they love so, technically it is their parents faults but only because of the feud between families. "And my daddy said stay away from Juliet" (T.Swift Love Story).
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