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Upcoming Events

January 10: Grade-Level House Parties

January 12: Kindergarten ABC Parade

January 15: MLK Holiday = No School

January 17: Kid Inventors Day

January 18: Family Engagement Event at 5:30 pm

January 20: UIL Meet at University High School (Look for parent letters from your students that are participating)

January 22: Community Meeting at Alta Vista Elementary at 6:00 pm

Parent Involvement Opportunities

Kindergarten will have an ABC parade on January 12th at 2:00 to celebrate learning all the letters of the alphabet. We will have an inside parade through the halls to show off our letter vests. Parents are invited to attend! Please look in your child's folder for more information.

Join us on Thursday, January 18 for a special Family Engagement Event. Dr. Tyrone Tanner will be speaking to parents about ways they can get more involved with the school. Snacks and childcare will be provided. We hope you join us for a great evening!

Alta Vista Elementary will be hosting a Community Meeting on Monday, January 22 to discuss the school and district's process towards state accountability measures. Join us to hear more information and provide input on future plans.

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Monthly Book Challenge

Decorate a book with 3 reading resolutions. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Read at home ____ times a week.
  • Read ___ minutes a night.
  • Read ___ books a week/month.
  • Read ___ pages a day/week/month.
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Conscious Discipline Tips

Happy New Year!!!!

As we embark on the second semester, and are getting back into the routine of going to bed on time, getting ready for school, etc, you may find that your child does not want to comply with the directives that you are giving them or is willing to do what you are asking of them. Children will test limits in order to establish their sense of self and to be able to discover what behaviors are appropriate or what they can get away with. As children grow and develop, they will feel the need to assert themselves when given a command from an adult, which will often times lead to a power struggle because they may not respond in a manner that is respectful or desirable. There's a way that we, as the adult in the situation, can help our children fulfill our expectations and fulfill their own autonomy, by offering two positive choices instead of giving them an assertive command or just telling them what to do. By offering two choices, we help children do the following:

  • Focus their attention on the tasks that we deem important

  • Comply with our wishes

  • Learn decision making skills

  • Feel empowered, thereby reducing power struggles

  • Redirect their behavior and learn impulse control

  • Establish and maintain self control

Here are the steps for delivering Two Positive Choices as outlined in the Conscious Discipline book written by Dr. Becky Bailey:

  1. Breathe deeply and make a conscious decision to focus on what you want your child to do.

  2. Tell your child,” You have a choice!” in an upbeat tone.

  3. Clearly state two choices that will achieve the goal. Say,”You may ___________ or you may _____________.” For older children, you might say, “Feel free to __________ or ______________.

  4. Complete the process by asking the child to make a commitment. You might say, “ What is your choice?” or for older children you might say, “What would be better for you?”

  5. Notice the child’s choice. Do this by saying, “You chose ___________!” in an encouraging voice with loving intent. This imparts the child with crucial awareness of their choice.

Guidelines for Delivering Two Positive Choices

  • Think in terms of what you want children to do, the behaviors you want to see and what the goal looks like.

  • Offer true, positive choices by voicing two options that are acceptable to you.

In the video below, you will be once again introduced to Shubert. Watch as he and his mom complete a task that is probably a struggle for us daily- Getting Ready for School.

Math Chat

Students in the upper grades at Alta Vista will be tackling fractions soon. Watch this video on ways you can help support fraction understanding at home.

The Road to Success: Talking to Kids about College and Career

What would you like to be when you grow up? This question is often asked of children. Some children answer quickly with popular responses like nurse or policeman. Others freeze up and have no idea what to say. How can you as a parent help?

College Connection: Develop a college mind set. Remember to talk in the affirmative. Say “when you go to college…” instead of “ if you go to college…”. Ask your child, “Where would you like to go to college? Why?”. Take them to events at local college campuses like McLennan Community College (MCC), Texas State Technical College (TSTC) and Baylor. Most importantly, help them see that going to school today helps prepare them for going to school in the future. Going to school in the future can help them get their dream job.

Career Connection: Notice things that your child is good at doing. Make affirmative statements and connect it to a career. If your child is good at taking care of people, you could say, “You were very helpful when your sister hurt her leg. You would make a great nurse when you grow up.” If your child loves books, you could say, “I noticed you love to read. You might love being a librarian when you grow up.” Children that love to cook could be chiefs. Children that love to draw could be artist. Children that love sports could be coaches. The possibilities are endless!

By taking these few simple steps, you can help your child stay on the road to success! Start making college and career connections today!

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Counseling Connection - Helping Children Set Goals

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s that time of year again when many adults set New Year’s resolutions. Can children do the same thing? The answer is yes! Here are some tips to help your children be more successful in 2018.

Lead by example. Set a goal for yourself. Model for your children what it takes to reach it. By doing this your will help your children see that even though it’s not always easy to achieve success, it can be done with hard work and determination.

Make sure goals are age appropriate. Older children can handle more challenging goals; for example, reading a chapter book a week or being responsible for making family dinner one night a week. Younger children need simpler goals; for example, reading a picture book a week or setting the table for dinner one night a week.

Make goals meaningful. Talk to your children. Ask them to share what they feel they are good at doing. Ask them to share what they would like to do better. Focus of areas of improvement that matter to your children. They are more likely to works towards a goal if it has meaning.

Set short term and long term goals. Short term goals that are achieved quickly help children know how good it feels to be successful. Then they are more likely to work towards goals that take longer to achieve and are more willing to stick with it even when it gets hard. Short terms goals can be a brief as getting to school on time every day for a week. Long term goals can be as far reaching as aspiring to go to college on day.

Celebrate success. Forgive and forget failures. When your children reach a goal, celebrate! This could be as simple as sharing some positive feedback such as “You did it!” Just as important is to remember that we all make mistakes or “oops.” When this happens talk it through with your children and finds ways to do better next time. Then, forgive and forget. Be ready to move on.

Remember, just like you and me, children can set goals and succeed in 2018! Happy New Year!

Mayborn Family Memberships

Did you know that you can receive a discounted family membership to the Mayborn Museum for only $10 if you have an EBT card? The family membership is good for admission for your family (up to 2 adults and children) as often as you like for one year! You can also get a reduced admission rate of just $1 each for up to 2 adults and the children in the household if you have an EBT card. To learn more, visit the front desk of the Mayborn Museum or call 254-710-1110.

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