Ms. Reed's Super Students

Week of Sept. 21st - Sept. 25th

Quick Announcements!

  1. Kendra Scott Fundraiser night is Sept 28th! Treat yourself or your loved ones and get a discount AND 10% goes back to the school!
  2. We go to library every WEDNESDAY so be sure your student has their books with them weekly. (except this week-science happened and time got away from me! woops!)
  3. Number grades will be given this year. This is no reason to stress but is something to be aware of. Progress reports will be out on Oct 1st! If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask!
  4. Curriculum Night is next week! We will send an email prior to it to try and prepare some FAQ for the presentation! :)
  5. Parent Conferences are soon to be upon us! I am not the kind of person that likes to wait for the last minute unless that is our only option. Please be thinking of a time that you will be available to discuss with me!
  • Current options include: after school, between 9:40-10:15, and depending on the week between 2:15-2:45
  • I have already emailed a few of you to set up times earlier than this as well :)

This week we learned alot!

Math- We have extended our knowledge on place value and number representations up to 4 digits! We have built and decomposed numbers using standard form, pictorial model, expanded notation and word form. We are continuing our use with a problem solving rubric to become expert problem solvers and this week we discussed the stage of solving the problem with multiple strategies to show our understanding of number relationships!

Reading- We have continued our learning how to set a purpose for reading. This week that included how to use text features in non-fiction texts and making predictions in fiction texts.

Writing- We created "tiny topic notebooks" by adding paper to our Take Home Folder. This is to encourage them to be thinking about writing all the time! A great idea can happen at any moment and now they have the means to write down a quick sentence to help inspire them later on in class! We also learned how to take those tiny topics and turn them into whole stories by planning the BME and details on our hands!

Science- We have started to build on the topic of matter and discussed how materials can change when they are heated and cooled! We used ICEE pops on Wednesday and Thursday (today) we observed changes in matter while a candle burned!

Social Studies- Friday we will discuss communities and the history of Frisco! Man how things have changed! (this lesson will be continued into next Friday)

****all italics words are examples of the language we use in class. You have to use big vocabulary to learn it!

A picture walk through our week!

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Next Week Overview

Math: Next week we will work on generating a number up to 1,200 and show how to represent the number. We will also work on comparing numbers and proving how they know if the number is larger or smaller.

Reading: Next week we will be learning about folktales. We will discuss the different versions of folktales and how they are the same and different.

Writing: Next week we will continue reviewing small moments. We will dig deeper into our endings and how we can change them. We will also touch on editing and making sure our spelling is correct.

Science: Next week we will review that matter has physical properties. We will discuss that the properties determine how it is described, classified, changed and used.

Social Studies: Next week we will be learning about our wonderful city, Frisco.

Curriculum Night

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 5pm

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

  • We will be meeting as a grade level in the middle of our pod from 5-6. We will have a place for questions to be answered individually as we have a lot to cover in a short time.
  • We will send out an email with the powerpoint before hand-please pre read and email us with your questions by Monday so we can prepare a FAQ slide in our presentation.
  • I will also have a sign-up sheet for individual conference times.
  • Students are always welcome but this information is geared more towards you as parents :)

We Love our principal!

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Celebrate Carroll (last week)

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Celebrate Carroll

Friday, Sep. 25th, 7:30am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

We were selected to go on stage and dance! If you are unable to attend to watch your child dance, I will be recording it and will gladly email or post part of it to our instagram Friday night!

Superkid of the week!

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Contact Info!

Feel free to contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible! The best ways are through email, class Dojo (messages work similar to texts), and be sure to check out our Instagram page!