Making A Difference

Carmel Creek April 30, 2016

Foundation Fundraiser

Thanks Fantastic First Grade Team for hosting the first of our teacher Foundation Fundraisers.
You're Nemo Movie Night was a hit!
Your time and support is appreciated.

Second Grade Team

Thanks Second Grade Team for organizing a wonderful field trip to Reuban H. Fleet Science Center and Imax Presentation. The kids were sooooooo excited!


San Diego residents can go to the Science Center for Free on each first Tuesday of the Month. Next free dates are: May 3rd, June 7th and July 5th. Open 10-5pm.

Thanks TK

So much fun to walk through our TK rooms. The rooms resonate with joy and excitement toward the study of the life cycle: bees, butterflies, frogs and ants. Wow, each day something new is happening and the children are super excited to share their writings and observations.

FYI-Fun San Diego Event

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Thanks Third Grade Team

Thanks third grade team for the beautiful writing and reading research around the Torrey Pines trip and Charlotte's web. The kids are very engaged and so proud of their use of technology and final drafts. Amazing!

Thanks Kinder Team and Discovery Lab Team-It's All About Animal Habitats

Wow! The excitement that fills our kinder hallway as students are researching habitats. The connections between class work and Discovery Labs is remarkable. Thanks All!

Thanks All

Thanks for opening your classrooms and for being so welcoming when Terry Decker and Vicki KIng strolled through. It was beautiful to see the high levels of student engagement, consistency of content and tasks between grade level classrooms, the technology being used, lots of math on the walls, stemscopes in action and connections between the classroom and our Discovery Labs.

Wonderful Kinder performance this week!!! Thanks Ms. Tsai, Kinder Teachers and Spec. Ed Team.

Thanks CUE Team for sharing your resources and helping guide us with the integration of new app use. Great references Michelle. Fun to experience See Saw.

Thanks John Leland for participating in our staff meeting.

Thanks Kelsey for being available to us and checking in with all grade level teams before our year closes. You've been a super resource.

Thanks Stephanie A. for helping us with our STREAM video. Can't wait to share with parents this next week. :-)

ACSA Student Standout Awards May 5th, Congratulations to our own third grader Sherwin!

Don't Forget

All Staff, Pancake Breakfast
7:30am in the Lounge
May 10
Thanks Cabinet and DO Directors!