Interview with Mrs. G

By: vianna Sebugwawo

Kathryn , Gurganus

Teaches at: keller high school

grade levels: 9th-12th

classes taught:

Newspaper, English, journalism

Education:North Texas

Type of Degree: Bas in news Ed & journalism

Teaching experience: started teaching 2007 always has taught in high school.


on a scale of 1-10 with being the highest how much self motivation is needed in this job?


describe a typical day as a teacher

wake up at 5 start thinking of what to do but beings to change ideas as each class comes switching ideas around and constantly thinking of ideas.

what advice would you give to a student wanting to pursue a career in teaching?

love what you want to teach your teaching revolves around that have patients and be open minded keep the student in mind.

what are the duties associated with your job what are the duties that aren't in your job description?

have lesson plans put in grades, teach ,attend ,meetings.

what is your biggest challenge as a teacher?

everyone is at different levels so it's hard to stay on track and getting to every ones needs.

what is the biggest reward from teaching ?

when the kids get excited about what you teach them and you have a common interest.


Personal Questions

If you weren't to pursue teaching what would you be doing now ?

product tester

what would you do different in your earlier years of teaching ?

don't sweat the small stuff you can't change everything.