D41 Mitigation Plan

update for February 8, 2022

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Dear District 41 Families,

We understand the sincere community interest in knowing how the district and the Board will respond to evolving COVID mitigation scenarios.

District 41 has the opportunity to lead through this very tumultuous time in a way that is respectful, responsible and collaborative. As such, at the February 22, 2022, Regular Board of Education meeting, you can expect discussion and possible action on a Layered Mitigation Reduction Plan. We believe the plan will address a number of the concerns and wishes of the entire community. Some have asked for a special meeting of the Board. It is very likely that judicial rulings will continue and we do not want to present a plan only to have to revise it quickly. CLICK HERE FOR THE PLAN (approved 2/15/22)

We ask that our community continue to work with us to keep the political divisiveness as far away from our students as possible. We appreciate all of the communications we have received with a variety of viewpoints. It has helped us craft our plan. We are confident that we will have the ability to move forward in a way that makes our community proud.

Dr. Melissa Kaczkowski


Dr. Robert Bruno


Board of Education