E-Safe Buddies

Newsletter August 2015 No 5

Issue 5

We would like to start this month's newsletter by briefly following on from Special we published earlier in the month.((view it HERE)) Which was well received by foster carers and teams around children in care - Thank You for your support.

Amanda Michelle Todd

(November 27th 1996 - October 10th, 2012)

My daughter, Amanda Michelle Todd, took her life at the

age of 15. It all started with a topless photo. She didn’t

know the person at the other end of her computer was

taking a picture. She didn’t know that he was showing it

to other men. Then she started to get blackmailed into

showing more of herself via her webcam. And if she didn’t,

then her image would be sent throughout the internet.

What Amanda didn’t do was tell an adult that this was

happening to her. She kept it to herself.

As a parent and Amanda’s mother, it is important to me that young people understand what can happen online and also how to protect themselves online.

‘So you got naked online’ is a resource guide that was developed in the U.K. but

will still have impact with its clear messages anywhere in the world,

We need to always tell our young people that it is okay to admit to making a mistake and then also to support them in talking to an adult. This action is so very important before things escalate.

We all need to remember that making mistakes is normal and a part of growing up.

The teen years is when a lot of these happen.

Also that these experiences becoming learning experiences for the future years.

Last month we posted a link to C.E.O.P. (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) New resource " Nude Selfies" this month we have embedded the videos into the newsletter

That’s how useful we believe them to be .

We have also put these and many more videos, downloadable resources, links to organisations and help lines,in our new home www.buddies4fc.org.uk

If you have a question, concern or suggestion you can now contact us (((HERE)))

C.E.O.P. four short films "NUDE SELFIES" worth sharing again

Nude Selfies- Film 1 of 4

BBC Newsround - "Caught in the web" (worth sharing)

Internet Safety - Newsround Caught In The Web (9 Feb 2010)

Security and Parental controles

Security and Parental controls

Two topics that will always be at the top of buddies list of support,

Security is a massive topic far too big to cover in a newsletter but what we do recommend is that you make sure that you have software installed and it is up to date (in the past the free versions have been suitable for most use but over recent years threats have grown and we now suggest that the paid for version of your choice should be used)

Here's a starting point.

WHICH - (one month trial membership for £1 on offer)

Parental Controls

First point to look at is where the internet comes into your home

Most major providers now offer a filtering service although they differ in as much as some filters are on atomically and some have to be set up and activated by yourself, contact your ISP (internet service provider) and they will advise you.

A lot of security software now comes with parental controls and again most work across all major platforms - Windows - iOS - Android

But in case they do not K9 <Link> is one that I have used and it works,

For iPhone-tablet and pod I would suggest that you remove "Safari" and install a child friendly web browser "Mobicip safe browser" with parental controls, is one suggestion

(please note these are purely personal suggestions) please share your experiences with parental controls and security software to help other carers make an informed decision <<HERE>>

If you need any help or advice around Security and Parental controls you can contact us ((HERE))

e-Buddies are evolving - Buddies 4 Foster carers

We are stretching our wings -our aims are to bring life to ideas and ideas to life where children and carers share experiences and explore new challenges together.

Camera Club - where Children of all ages and levels of abilities along with carers can come together and explore the fun of taking pictures and processing the results without needing expensive equipment, most people have a camera they carry with them (on their phone) we will explore studio photography / location photography / micro photography and so on, we will look at building simple equipment that would cost ££££'s to purchase. If this idea interests you could you help us find what area or areas we should hold these clubs we would be really grateful if you could complete our simple enquiry form <<HERE>>

Breakfast club was mentioned and the response and support for the idea has taken us by surprise so this will be something we will be looking at when school starts back, we have no venue or area in mind but what we do have is a whatsApp group for anyone interested to see what it is about - like to know more contact us (((HERE)))

We read with interest when the BBC announced its launch plans for a new BBC micro (can anyone remember the BBC computer of the early eighties and how with BBC backing it inspired a generation to learn computer coding) BBC MICRO BIT COMPUTER

So we are now liaising with the virtual school with the aim of starting a "Coding Club" so that carers and children can come together and enjoy the rewards and frustrations of writing simple code, and although not announced yet we believe that the BBC will have a support package to go with the microcomputer second to none - Interested in finding out more? Contact us (((HERE)))

Please note that Buddies are a Staffordshire based network of Staffordshire foster carers


You may have missed the fact that Windows 10 has been released ( if you live in a cave on your own and never meet another person)

We don’t intend reviewing it ( lots of people are already doing this) but what we would like to hear about is any concerns you have or situations you have encountered around the system and the children that live with you (((HERE))))