Rome VS U.S.

Civilization, Laws & Justice


At its height, the Roamn empire was teh most extensive political and social structure in western civilization. The civilization was split after the empire grew to vast for it to be ruled by the westren empire. The influence of the Roman Empire on western civilization was profound in its lasting contributions to virtually every aslect of western culture.

Although the U.S. uses a lot of the ideas or contributions that the romans gave the world, the U.S. still has a unique civilization made up of thousand of different type of people with many different beliefs and decisions put to the test everyday. Although the U.S. uses many ideas brought upon by many other culures, its vast amount of people with many different backgrounds give it a unique touch to the civilization

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Some of the roman laws include; Lex Acilia Calpurnia: permanent exclusion from office in cases of electoral corruption, Lex Acilia de Intercalando: adjustment of the calendar, Lex Acilia Repetundarum: procedures for jurors in courts overseeing senatorial class to prevent corruption abroad, Lex Aebutia de Formulis: authorized praetor's discretion to be introduced into the court of the praetor urbanus, praetor able to remodel private law of Rome, Lex Aebutia de Magistratibus extraordinaris: proposer of extraordinary magistracy cannot hold it, Lex Aelia et Fufia: two laws probably regulating auspices, Lex Aelia Sentia: manumissions of Slaves. Some of the U.S. laws include; the right to free speech, the right to a court hearing, and many others include the laws made by the U.S government.
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Justice Systems

When someone breaks the law there are many consequences, but there are justice or legal systems that give the accused rights. Even back in the Roman times law breakers were given rights, but with that there were much more consequences to doing this than rights. They were given trials, just like modern times, except that those were very bias and it was nearly impossible for the accoused to not have a consequence for their crime. Some of the consequences include injuries, torture, death, or eventual death. Luckly, only crimes that are considered very inhuman could be treated by the death penalty or life in jail. Ever since the roman times there have been rights and consequences, this clearly influenced the modern times, except less brutal
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