The monkeys paw

By Gage,Thane,and Travis

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Summary of the monkey's paw

The setting is at the Whites house in England. A Sergeant Major Morris returns from India. He brings them a monkey's paw that he claims can bring them three wishes. After Mr. Morris leaves the Whites wish for 200 pounds for paying off the house. The next day a man appears at the door he tell the Whites that herbert has died in a machinery accident. Then the Whites ask for 200 dollars for compinsation. One night Mrs. White gets the idea to bring back their dead son. After they wish for thier son to come back they hear a nocking on the door. The book doen't say what Mr. White wishes for but the nocking stops, Mrs. White screams because she thought it was herbert.

What we thought

As a group we thought that the story was very moving. We also thought that the story thought I thought us a lesson what ti do if you are granted some wishes. We wouldn't recommend bringing back a dead person that has been shredded, that would be painful to look at.
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Three literary devices ?

The monkey paw moves like a snake in Mr. White's hand.

It makes a comparison to the Arabian Nights

The wind howled at the man.

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Three Characters

Mr. White is an elderly man with a white beard, he's frightened when Herbert knocks at the door.

Mrs. White is an elderly woman who is strong and smarter than Mr. White.

We don't know a lot about Herbert but, he's smart and cheerful.

What point of view

Third person omniscient because it gives every ones thoughts and feelings
The Monkey's Paw Summary