McNeese State University

By: Devin Gunter

Recommended/Required high school courses for admission

You will need 4 credits of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, 2 credits for a Foreign Language, and a credit in a Art for a total of 19 credits.

Admissions Criteria

  1. Completion of 17 of the 19 units of the Regents’ High School Core 4 Curriculum; and
  2. Need of no more than one developmental course; and
  3. Minimum high school overall GPA of 2.35; and
  4. Minimum high school Core GPA of 2.0; and
  5. Minimum ACT composite of 20

Application Fee

There is a application fee of $20

Admissions Office Info.

Their phone number is 337-475-5065. Address is 4178 Allen Drive.

Annual Cost for One Year of Tuition and Fees at McNeese

The annual cost for a year of tuition and fees is $5,700

Annual Cost for Books and Supplies

Books and supplies at McNeese a year costs $1,200

Info for the Scholarship Office

Their number is (337) 475- 5140, they are located at the Burton Business Center

McNeese and Scholarships

You can get a application on the school website. There weren't any requirements that i could find.

On-Campus Housing

The deposit for housing is about $150 and the rent per month is $540, depending on where your housing is.

Housing Office Info

Their number is 866-940-0788

How to Arrange an on Campus Tour

Call McNeese and ask for a tour