For Children

The Steps To Providing Basic First Aid

CHECK for responsiveness

Clearly ask if the child is okay.

TIP- infants will typically respond to flicking their feet

CALL 911 if there is no response

If alone, give child two minutes of care and then call.

Even if the child responds, it is still a good idea to call if they are not fully comprehensive,

TIP- if the child is face down, turn the child over, support their head, and keep their bac straight/ aligned.

OPEN air way Open the child's airway and check for signs of breathing

Infants breathe irregularly, so an unequal breath pattern can be normal.

TIP- Occasional gasping is NOT breathing.

GIVE 2 rescue breaths

Tip head back and open mouth. While pinching the nose shut, blow in to make chest clearly rise, and continue until response. For infants, completely cover nose and mouth before doing so

TIP- If you or someone else witnessed the child collapse at random, skip rescue breaths and assume CPR immediately

TIP- If the chest does not rise, tilt the head and re-assume rescue breathing.