Dietary Guideline

By Servon Whitosn

Dietary Guideline do for American

A. Health risk- likelihood of developing health risk problem

B. Diet- losing weight or special medical diet

Getting right amount of nutrient within the calorie

A. The 4 factor are: age, gender, activity level, and whether you try gain, maintain, or lose weight.

B. Nutrient Dense Food- food give you the most nutrient with less amount of calorie.

Maintain healthy weight

A. Risk factor- increasing of being in risk of a disease and etc.

B. the risk factor are: Diabetes, Heart disease, High blood pressure, arthritis, and some type of cancer.

C. The risk factor are: Fragile bone, weakened immune system, anemia, fertility issue, and hair loss.

D. Look at the nutrient label to see how many calorie you are eating. Excise regular and eat healthy snack and drink lot of water.

Advice for being physically active

A. Active living help by control your weight, strengthen your heart and lung, increase your endurance and flexibility, reduce risk factor for future health.

B. Teen should get 60 minutes or more of activity.

C. Put a reminder on your phone. Put a schedule in your room to remember to be active

Importance of whole grain, fruit, vegetable, and milk

A. It provide bulk and have lot of nutrient

B.All this food reduce risk for chronic diseases,stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.

C. By eating fruit for your snack and drinking mike in the morning or dinner time.

Limit fat and cholesterol

A. Saturated and Trans fat

B. Heart disease

C.Eat small portion of it don't over do it

Choose the healthy choice for carbohydrates

A. Milk, fruit , and some vegetable/\.

B. Soda, desert, and some type of other food.

C. So you do eat unhealthy amount of sugar

Reduce Sodium & Increase Potassium

A. Help control body fluid.

B.High blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke

C.Help contact sodium effect of high blood pressure

Avoid alcohol

A. Alcohol disrupt development

Alcohol link to high death rate

Your brain is still developing

Food Safety

Food safety is important in dietary guideline because it will help you know what type of food to stay away, what are the health risk if you get to much, and what will be the result if you do.