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December 19, 2022

School News & Happenings

Wishing A Wonderful Winter Break and Happy New Year to All!

Hello Center Community -

In this season of sharing and caring for one another, all of us at The Center School thank all of you for the opportunity to serve your students and family. We also send our warmest wishes for a truly meaningful holiday season.

Excitement is in the air! Spirit Week, and everything happening in our classrooms, has filled our building with meaningful activities that create an even greater sense of belonging and connection for all students. The hallways are full of laughter, music, and joy - exactly what matters at this time of year. And today, we will come together for our first All-School Meeting in three years! What a fantastic way to end the year!

Please enjoy this newsletter, our gift to you - a celebration of student achievement, fun, and community.

We look forward to being back together soon!

Have a truly wonderful Winter Break -

Shelley Dulsky



Important Upcoming Dates

  • December 23, 2022 // No School - Winter Break Begins

  • January 3, 2023 // Return to School

  • January 20, 2023 // All-School Spelling Bee

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Kindergarten Number Corner in Ms. Keough's Room

This month in the Kindergarten Number Corner, we learned about prepositions:

  • inside
  • above
  • to the left
  • to the right
  • below
  • behind
  • outside

We created gingerbread houses and wrote about the location of our gingerbread men!

Kindergarten Comparing, Contrasting & Mapping

Ms. Moran's class has been reading and comparing stories. We made a map to show where the Gingerbread Man went in Center School!

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Mystery Reading with Ms. Wallat's Class (Guess the Mystery Reader!)

Fourth Grade Authors Sharing their Writing

Students in fourth grade drafted realistic narratives that included an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Each narrative showcased vivid verbs, varied sentence beginnings, and sensory details. By the time each story ended, the main character had changed in some way. After editing their narratives with peers, students edited their work. This past week students read their work aloud to their peers and their peers' families. Way to go, fourth graders!

Fourth Graders Researching the History of Indigenous Peoples

Opinion Writing in 5th Grade - What's Your Opinion? Fifth Grader Marissa Ann Erickson Wants to Know!

Chocolate Milk Good Or Bad

By Marissa Ann Erickson

You are in a large lunch room with lots of kids. You find yourself debating if you should get chocolate milk or plain milk. I think you should get plain milk. My reasons are: One, It has a lot of sugar. Two, Kids eat too much sugar as it is. Then there is my last reason. It can cause health problems in the long run.

Do you like sugary treats? I like them occasionally but not every day. Imagine you are in class and one kid just had chocolate milk. Now they are bouncing in their seat trying to contain themself and another kid who had white milk is doing their work calmly. Do you want to be hyper or calm? If you drink chocolate milk you might be hyper.

My First reason why chocolate milk should be banned from schools is It has too much sugar. 1 cup of chocolate milk (low fat) has 24 grams of sugar, that is only one gram less than a can of coke. Next, Chocolate milk is more fattening than coke, says Nutrachocolets, so if soda is better than chocolate milk white milk definitely is. Last, “We should ban chocolate milk if we are trying to be healthy and eat healthier foods.” says Mrs. O’Brian “Lots of people want to be Healthy we can start here.” Sugary drinks have an effect on people. Keep reading to find out more.

My next reason is that kids eat too much unhealthy food. Here is why. Do you like candy? Well if you eat candy AND drink chocolate milk every day that can be bad. If you have dessert once every week that is fine but if you drink chocolate milk every day that can be bad. First, Chocolate milk is just liquid chocolate and milk so it is just like having liquid dessert and the more you drink the more sugar you consume Next, If people let kids choose between unhealthy and healthy foods more than one half would choose unhealthy foods. Last, The average kid consumes 21 teaspoons of sugar a day. If we want to be healthy we can start by banning chocolate milk.

As I have mentioned, too much chocolate milk can cause them. Diabetes Is a disease that can develop if you eat too much sugar. If you have diabetes you need to give yourself shots everyday do you want that? Next, A cartoon of chocolate milk can contain up to 30 grams of sugar. These sugars have no nutritional value, says Rip Esselstyn, firefighter, triathlete and author of a dietary cookbook, The Engine 2 Diet. “And because simple carbohydrates are digested so quickly,” Esselstyn writes, “any excess sugar is converted into fat.” Not only can simple sugars contribute to obesity, Esselstyn says, but also too much of them can lead to other health problems, such as diabetes.Next, The NYC mayor `ban a sale of sugary drinks “This is the single biggest step any city, I think, has ever taken to curb obesity,” Bloomberg said. “We believe it will help save lives.” Last, In the short term, high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat can lead to obesity and diabetes, PETA says. But in the long term, cholesterol and saturated fat can lead to heart disease and cancer. This is not supposed to be scary, it is just a warning to keep people happy and healthy.

Now that you have read this it is time to review In My opinion Chocolate milk should be banned from the schools in the U.S. I think this because It can be dangerous and unhealthy in the long run. First, I talked about how It has too much sugar. Next, I talked about how kids eat too much unhealthy foodsFinally I talked about How too much Chocolate milk can cause health problems. This is why I think Chocolate milk should be banned from schools all throughout the U.S.

Center School Staff Having Some Competitive Fun!

Shhhhhh! Don't Tell the Principal!!!!!

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Seeking Substitutes!

We are renewing our connections with Substitute Teachers. If you or someone you know is interested in substitute teaching at The Center School please contact our Assistant Principal Lenore Zavalick:
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