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Friday, March 10, 2023

Principal's Message

This week is School Social Worker week. We are so lucky to not only have TWO full time social workers at Lakewood Creek, but to have TWO AMAZING social workers at Lakewood Creek. We would like to recognize and thank Mrs. Zielke and Ms. Morquecho for all they do for kids (and staff) every single day.

We have seen an increase in illness recently. Please see the note below from Health Services. Please also encourage good handwashing, especially before eating.

Another request to complete the Five Essentials survey is below. We use the data to recognize celebrations and set goals for improvement for next year. Thank you!!!

Kelley Budd



ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX parents (out of 640) have completed the 5Essentials survey, and 15 more who have started, but not completed! That's a 22% response rate so far. Thank you! We will get our results since we are over 20%!!! Let's keep it up. It doesn't take long, and we get valuable information from it, along with a higher "score" for parent participation.


Mrs. Murgas needs your help! Can you volunteer to assist at the Book Fair for set up, register sales, or pack up? March 16-24, day and evening times available. Use the link below to sign up.


A book for EVERY student?

Lakewood Creek Elementary & The HSO want to give the opportunity and joy of leaving the Book Fair with a brand-new book to every Lakewood Creek student! Did you know, the average cost of a new book (with tax) is nearly $9.00? There are families in our community who are not able to afford extras like book fair purchases. Our goal is to leave no one out, and fundraise $5,400 to afford to purchase a new book for each student.

This is where you and our community come in! Please help us make sure every student at Lakewood Creek Elementary takes home a brand-new book this spring. Your generosity could be the SPARK a child needs to start a love of reading! Reading leads to improved brain development, increased communication skills, a love of learning, promotes self-confidence, creativity, and so much more! We appreciate your consideration of donating today and starting a lifelong journey of discovery for every student at Lakewood Creek Elementary.

Every dollar raised by Lakewood Creek Elementary HSO will be matched by Scholastic and donated to a Nation Charity for help continue spark the love of reading to other children in need. Additionally, every dollar spent at the Book Fair – including those raised by the HSO – will earn Lakewood Creek Elementary credit to purchase additional books for the school. Together, we can all make the difference in the lives of not only our children, but many others.

Spread the word! We all can be a part of the SPARK that creates a lifelong love of reading & learning!

Thank you for your consideration!

Fundraiser Ends Monday, March 20th

GOAL $5,400

DONATE TODAY - LC's Scholastic eWallet

Sponsor 1 Student: $9.00

Sponsor 2 students: $18.00

Sponsor 4 students: $36.00

Sponsor 10 students: $90.00

Sponsor a classroom: $225.00

Sponsor a grade: $900.00

Illness & Handwashing - Stay Healthy!!!

Incoming Kindergarten, 2nd grade (& 6th, 9th grades)

Incoming K, 2, 6, 9, and 12th graders and new students will need updated forms. All families are encouraged to visit the website to see what will be needed for your child. Please submit completed forms as soon as possible, preferably prior to the end of this school year! All forms may be submitted to your current school. We want to avoid any school exclusions!

That's AVID! Family - School Connection


Dr. Carol Dweck has classified belief systems into two categories: fixed mindsets and growth mindsets. People with a Fixed Mindset are characterized by their belief that success comes from a natural talent and inherent ability. Qualities are carved in stone; an individual either has the quality or not - smart, fast, artistic, etc. Talent is linked to success, regardless of effort. A person with a Growth Mindset believes that success is a product of hard work. Intelligence, talent and even genetics play a role in achievement, but those factors are only a starting point to success. Challenge and overcoming struggles are opportunities to learn. Research demonstrates that perseverance and the ability to overcome challenges is a much better indicator of success.

At Home: Consider what you praise. Students are very adept at picking up on patterns. IF they begin noticing praise toward fixed traits, like being smart or talented, they are more likely to have behaviors where they can highlight being smart or talented. They will often avoid taking on more challenging tasks.

Instead, help your child see that failure is not a stopping place, but an opportunity to learn and grow. When failures are acknowledged, even celebrated, students become more willing to take on more difficult challenges.

Examine your own statements. "I'm not good at math," is one we often hear from parents. Your child hears that too. Try using the Power of Yet! "I'm not good at math YET." That one little word "YET" can change a fixed mindset comment into one that represents growth.

Volunteers for Breakfast Buddies Needed! [click here]

The HSO is looking for volunteers to help make EACH of our Breakfast Buddies a success! You may sign up for as many BB as you'd like. Set-up begins at 7:30am. Event is from 8-8:30AM. We must be completely cleaned up by 8:40AM for student breakfast.

Schoolwide Second Step Focus

Second Step is the resource we use to teach social emotional skills in all our classes. Our fourth unit's theme is "Problem Solving." Problem Solving focuses on naming the problem, identifying and evaluating possible solutions, choosing the best option.

Over the next few weeks, your child should learn how to:

  • Kindergarten: demonstrate a problem-solving process in a given scenario.

  • 1st Grade: suggest one way to solve a problem in a given scenario.

  • 2nd Grade: generate possible solutions and select the solution that makes sense in a given problem.

  • 3rd Grade: solve a given problem using the STEP process.

  • 4th Grade: apply the STEP process and consider the points of view of everyone involved.

  • 5th Grade: apply the STEP process and consider the context in which they might best solve the problem

Professor HOWL

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HOWL Awards

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Believe In the Power of Yet!

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(Breakfast Only 8:40, Doors Open 8:45) School Day 9:00-3:50

Click here for Breakfast and Lunch Menus

March Breakfast/Lunch Menus

Plan Ahead!

  • Friday, March 10: HSO Family Fun Night (Reptiles 2.0)
  • Monday, March 13: Alma Mater Monday
  • Monday, March 13: Specials "B" Day
  • Friday, March 17: Book Fair begins
  • Wednesday/Thursday, March 22/23: Family Conferences (flex hours)
  • Monday, March 27 - Sunday, April 2: Spring Break!

Snow/Emergency Day Reminder


Snow/Emergency Day work packets have been sent home and are available in your child's Google Classroom. In the event the school would need to close for snow/emergencies, the school day will run from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Teachers will be available by phone, email, and live in their Google Meets from: 9-9:30am, 11:30am-12pm and 1:30-2pm to support and answer any questions a child might have.

Student attendance is required for a snow/emergency day. The second page of each packet will be collected by the classroom teacher when school reopens. The students only need to bring THAT page back filled out by the parent. They do not need to bring the whole packet back to school. Please keep it in a safe place at home. We will be using this as our instructional tool for our snow/emergency days.

Please know that all elementary schools are following this same procedure. If you have any questions please email your classroom teacher for clarification.

Thank you.

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A-B-C-D-E Calendar

ABCDE calendar for specials. Please follow the schedule from your child's teacher.

Attendance and Office Information

Attendance Phone Line 630-636-3201 - available 24 hours

School Office Hours 8:15-4:00

Consistent attendance at school is a great factor in student achievement and success. If your child is unable to come to school due to illness or unavoidable appointments, please contact the Lakewood Creek office by 9:15am. Please leave a message on the Attendance Line with a phone number stating the child’s name, teacher, and reason for absence. If we do not receive a message or note from you, we will need to call to locate the child. We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience for you. If students are absent during the day, they cannot attend after school or evening activities (this includes music programs and after school sports).


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