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Government: Parliamentary Republic

Leader: President Tony Tan

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Singapore is one big and a few smaller islands in the Singapore Strait and Johor Strait off of Malaysia and Indonesia. Although it is small, the population is huge. The only ways to get off of Singapore is to fly in a plane, go by boat, or use the road causeway that stretches out of Northern Singapore to Southern Malaysia.A second causeway opened up in 1998.

Before people came and settled here, there used to only be jungle vegetation and swamps. Singapore is also very flat with the highest elevation at Timah Hill being 531 ft. The population is more likely found in southern parts and there is not much room to own your own land.


Being right in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator means for some very warm and wet weather. The average temperature is warm everyday at 88 degrees. Average rainfall each year comes at 95 in. It rains off and on since they have no wet or dry season and flooding is common in low-lying areas. Singapore also lies right in the middle of two monsoon patterns.


With a very good GDP per capita at $85,700, Singapore does surprisingly good with having to import any food. There is no room to farm on Singapore ground because now that they have reached capacity, they now build up. This also means there isn't many houses. Also coming with being a small country comes with having a low unemployment rate. 2% of people to be exact.


Since Singapore brings on over 15 million tourists each year, there is always someone who will leave and come back many times. Some of the more popular things to do are visit Gardens by the Bay, the Singapore Zoo and night safari, the Asian Civilization museum, and the Botanical Gardens. and for lunch, you should stop by Hawker Foods.


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