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Tech Updates for the Week of Thursday, November 29, 2012

App Spotlight - ProfessorWord

ProfessorWord is a free bookmark that helps you (and your students!) learn new words while surfing the web. With the ProfessorWord bookmarklet installed, you can click on any word in any webpage and will be presented with a pop-up window that defines the word for you.

Even better, ProfessorWord automatically highlights SAT/ACT vocabulary words on any website in yellow. This allows readers to learn new, key vocabulary in context.

Check it out, install the bookmarklet in your browser, and even create a free account to store your words and create study lists at

Google Docs Tip - Shared Folders

Make it easier for students to share their work with you (and reduce the number of email updates you receive from Google Docs!), by having students create a Shared folder and sharing it with you.

1. Instruct students to create a folder by selecting the Create new text box. Click Folder.

2. Have students name their folder (I recommend a standard naming convention like Period#_LastName_FirstIntial. For example: 3_Ellis_M. This will allow you to easily sort folders by period).
3. Click Save.

4. Have students hold down the control button on the keyboard while clicking on their folder.

5. Select Share and then Sharing settings... from the drop down menu.

6. Students should then add your email address in the text box labeled Add people: and set it to Can edit

7. Click Share

8. Now, to share a document with you, students only need to drag that document into the shared folder. They will also never have to (incorrectly) enter your email address to share a document with you!

Surfing for Substance?

Surfing for Substance is a free PDF that provides an overview of fifty apps and websites for teachers. The overview includes some tools for the logistical aspects of teaching (they recommend Fax Zero for faxing without a fax machine) as well as for instructional purposes. Here are a few screenshots:

Google Announces 100 Live Hangouts for Teachers Around the World

Google has organized a series of over 100 Hangouts On Air that will be led by educators and Googlers. Topics range from “Flipping Your Classroom” to “Weekly Office Hours staffed by “Tech Sherpa” High School Students”. Find the whole schedule, sign up for Hangouts, and add them to your calendar at Google EducationOnAir. You can also view previously recorded Hangouts here.

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