The Lost Sheep

By Caitlyn

Matthew and Luke's different Communities

“The Lost sheep” is a piece of scripture in Matthew and Luke’s Bible. In Matthews scripture Matthew has more dialog than Lukes scripture. Matthew usually writes like he is talking as Jesus and he writes for Jews but Luke writes as in third person also Luke wrote his bible long after Matthew wrote his.

The Commonalities, Detours and Differences of the lost sheep Matthew an Luke

The message behind the Lost Sheep Parable

The message behind the lost sheep is that if you turn your back on the lord He never gives up on you.

Main Story Line

A sheep gets lost And The Shepard Cares for his sheep so much that he doesn't stop looking until He finds his missing sheep.

Like how God cares for His people so much that he loves them no matter what.

Factual Texts

  • Sheep
  • Shepard
  • Praise
  • Happiness

The Parable of The Lost Sheep Animation

Religious Truth

The LOrd Never gives up on anyone no matter who it is.