Rebellion in AILD and The Odyssey

Oral Presentation by Marvish Chandra Period: 6

Outline for Oral Presentation

Major Points

Question: To what extent does the theme of rebellion and its parallelism in both Homer's The Odyssey and William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying impact the characters in both stories?

I. Aims/ Goals for the Presentation

II. What is rebellion?

III. The Bundren Family's Decisions AILD (Vardaman)

IV. The Bundren Family's Decisions AILD (Anse)

V. The Odyssey Summary

VI. Odysseus, his crew, and the Greek Gods' decisions

VII. Faulkner's Use of Stream of Consciousness

VIII. Defiance of Institutionalized Authority(Parenthood) AILD Darl, Jewel, and Cash

IX. Defiance of Institutionalized Authority(Parenthood) in The Odyssey

X. Overall Purpose/ Conclusion