GIVE! festival


COME and be ONE

Be replenished with laughter, nourished with love and inspired by a fantastic collection of artists, musicians, performers, saints & sinners, lovers & GIVERS

Colour: PURPLE - Theme: Glitter & Sparkle

Z Star, Corrina Greyson, Sophie Barker, Eden Lab, One Taste, Colin Dale, Seb Fontaine, Slipmatt, Ben Sowton, Miss DJ Sauce, Ben the Bee & LOADS more - check the website!

Please bring a few small, thoughtful treats - bracelets, sweets, badges, crystals - to give away to random people you meet over the weekend . . .

“Love ever gives, forgives, outlives and ever stands with open hands. For this is love's prerogative; to give and to give and to give.” - Benedictus - John Donahue

We'd like to encourage every group of friends to create something special at their camp; a structure or installation, flags, a shrine; something, anything, that gives you the chance to make something fun with the friends you're camping with.

GIVE! festival

Friday, Aug. 23rd, 12pm

Eridge Green Tunbridge Wells

East Sussex

Line Up


Colin Dale, JJeff, Seb Fontaine, Slipmatt, Backyard Dave, Count Sizzle, Ben Sowton, House Doctor, Miss DJ Sauce, Traktorgirl, Fastlap, Jay Taylor, Mark Sinclair, Richard Grey, Yommi Ayeni, Barefoot Barrister, Jim Bishop, Miss Devine, Miss C, Dom Welby, Will Draper, Funky Dubster, Fabulous Franc, Camp Cuts, Easy Lee, Zivi, Thom Ward, Crispin, Swayne, Christian Last, Velvet Jedi, Ben the Bee


Z Star, Corrina Greyson, Liz Fletcher, Sophie Barker, Will Parnell, Kevin Davy, Ravi, JJ Crooner, Arcadian Voices


One Taste, Circus sideshows, Salena Godden, Simon Welsh, Ant the Rant, Hugh Thomson, Doris Eagle Featherduster


Eartheart Cafe

Barnaby Sykes - Victorian inspired Pie Shop

Pommorola Pizza Garden - Molto buono e simpatico

Mad Hatters Tea Tent - "Eat Me!"

Ska Bar - Fruit cocktails & cool runnings

Oyster Meister - Plump, Fresh, British oysters

Tequila Connoisseurs Cafe

Peckish Peacock - Indian vegetarian cafe

Jerry & Malika's - Perfect Cappuccino

The Saucy Pancake Company


Cyberdog, Leopardskin Bunny, Fairy Love, Dressing-Up Box, Convenience store, Crystal Vintage Clothing, Things That Make You Go Ooh!

Around & About:

Art Installations & Sculptures - Immersive lasers - Kundulini Cave - Dressing - Up Box & red carpet walk-off - BUTTERFLY BALL - Ska Bar - Loads of great stuff for kids - tree platform - adventure playground - bouncy castles - talent show - Beautiful woods & landscape to explore


Some of the worlds finest holistic practitioners with workshops & treatments to transport you to Nirvana

House of Honey

Started hosting GIVE! at The Fortress in Kings Cross and Woy-Oy on the MV Cam Leopard at Chelsea Bridge in the late 80s, Kimberley in the early 90s and House of Honey parties in the Naughties.

  • Christmas & Valentines Parties (since 2010) Invite only London party events
  • GIVE! Festival (since 2012) 3 day Music, art and holistic, family friendly, invite only boutique festival
  • Kimberley (1994 - 2011) Co-hosting and producing the original invite only boutique festival
  • 4 Days of Deluxe camping, Music, fireworks, lasers, aerobatics, Holistic therapies and spa treatments on a small private estate in Norfolk
  • House of Honey - Harvest (since 2009) 2 days of music and entertainment with fully serviced 5 star camping on the 3000 acre Eridge estate in Sussex
  • B to Z (since 2005) in association with The Zetter, Dinner and live music followed by dancing - with chic boutique hotel rooms also available
  • Desert Heart (2004 - 2011) Production management and data support. A charity fundraising event for Save the Rhino - Namibia annually delivering all revenue (in excess of £10,000) directly to the charity
  • GIVE, Woy Oy and Heart & Soul Parties (1988 - 1995) Invite only London party events