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Updates from Manassas Park Middle School - 9/28/2018

Week 5 Complete!

WHAT A FRIDAY! MPMS had no electricity from 7:21-9:44, but the teachers and students of MPMS did not let that interfere with their learning opportunities! While plans had to be modified, instruction continued on, labs were conducted, and tests were given; all by natural light from the sun through the wonderful windows! We even got to take a whole-school field trip to MPHS for lunch, as the power outage affected the ability of our cafeteria staff to cook. Once power was restored, we were able to start our day, say the pledge, and return to normal instruction using electronics. Way to go everyone!

Today marks the half way point of first quarter - it's interim report card day! That means that teachers have updated grade books and your child's grade represents about 50% of their first quarter grade. Please check PowerSchool (link is in the button below) and see how they are doing. My goal for all students is Principal's Honor roll, which is all students getting A's and B's. The first step to earning this award is to not have any zeros in their gradebook, as I have reminded students during announcements. Please check out their grades and discuss the importance of doing well in school, and if they are not performing well please reach out to their teacher to understand how you can help support your child's academic success.

Next week is our first SPIRIT WEEK! To celebrate the return to school and fall sports, students have the opportunity to SHOW THEIR SPIRIT throughout the week!

Monday: Hat/Hoodie/Beanie Day!

Tuesday: Twin Day!

Wednesday: Stop Light Day (If you are the oldest sibling wear red, middle children wear yellow, and youngest wear green. Only children wear read or green!)

Thursday: HR Wars! (Each homeroom picks a theme and all participate!)

Friday: Black & Gold!

The week will end with a fall sports parade through the hallways during Thursday's PRIDE block. Our Fall Dance is on Friday after school from 2:30-4:15. Permission slips for the dance were handed out today (Friday) and can be returned during lunch next week when dance tickets are purchased.

Football and Soccer were rained out this week, but we still had Volleyball!

Upcoming Big Things!

Monday, 10/1: 5 pm - Girls Volleyball and Boys Soccer vs Parkside MS @ Parkside!

Monday, 10/1: 6:30 pm - Governor's School Interest Meeting @ MPHS Library (7th & 8th grade parents)

Tuesday, 10/2: Football vs Stonewall MS @ Stonewall! (Rescheduled from 9/27)

Wednesday, 10/3: 5 pm - Boys Soccer and Girls Volleyball vs Marsteller MS @ Marsteller!

Thursday, 10/4: 5 pm - Football vs Marsteller MS @ MPMS! Our FIRST HOME FOOTBALL GAME!

Friday, 10/5: Black and Gold Dance! All dancers can take the 4:30 late bus home.

No Power Friday Morning? No Problem! We Will Learn in the Dark!

The 7th Grade Class is doing a Fundraiser!

The 7th grade class is fundraising for their Spring Field Day! All 7th grade students have the opportunity (and challenge!) of selling coupon books for $20 that hold hundreds of dollars in savings to the community, including area attractions, restaurants, and businesses.

Every book sold contributes directly back to the field day events, so the more books sold, the more amazing the field day next Spring!

Please support the 7th grade! See the class tweet below for more information.

Meet a new face @ MPMS! Ms. Volosky!

Welcome Ms. Volosky!

Ms. Volosky is our new Journalism teacher, coming to Manassas Park from her hometown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! As she is a floating teacher, Ms. Volosky can be found in the near the blue locker hallway before school and in classrooms all over the building for her classes, or the Electives pod during her planning period. She is on twitter as @MissVolosky.

Quick Facts about Ms. Volosky:

-Attended Point Park University! (Go Pioneers!)

-Majored in Multimedia and Secondary Education

-Likes sloths!

-Enjoys photography!

-Loves coffee!

When you see her in the building or at a school sporting event, please say hello and welcome Ms. Volosky to Manassas Park!

School Attendance is CRITICAL to Learning!

School Attendance is critical to academic success. In fact, missing 2 days of school per month means that your child will miss out on more than 10% of their school year. Being in class ensures that your child is taught content correctly and then has the opportunity to practice new material with the support of his/her teacher. Making up work, or learning content out of order makes learning much harder than it already is.

Additionally, the accreditation of all public schools now includes an attendance requirement. Chronically absent students (those who miss more than 10% of the school day, or 18 days) are a negative mark against the school, meaning the attendance decisions of each family can impact the accreditation of the school.

As always, the role of the school includes the enforcement of compulsory education, with regular notifications and possible involvement of truancy court. This includes the development of an attendance plan once the student has 7 absences.

Lastly, it is also important for students to arrive to school (and class) on time. Tardiness is a habit that is learned through repetition and one that can consistently interrupt the learning of the rest of the class, with the teacher having to restart the lesson every time a student arrives late. The MPMS student handbook has the teacher notifying parents after two tardies, then an after school detention is assigned after the third tardy. If you are late to the start of school, Ms. Carsey (our attendance officer) will notify you of the potential detention going forward, with the next tardy resulting in a detention.

One of the goals of school is to teach good citizenship and strong job skills, which includes showing up for work every day, on time. When students are ill, they should absolutely stay home (just like staying home from work.) But otherwise, the best place for your child is in school learning.

Thank you for your help!

Are you interested in attending the Governor's School for Science?

Are you interested in learning more about someday going to the Governor's School for science at George Mason University - Prince William Campus? Dr. Calhoun is presenting information all about the school and the application process at MPHS in the library on Monday, October 1 at 6:30 pm. This is open to any/all interested 7th and 8th grade or high school families.

Need School Supplies? See Ms. Salas!

Our school was selected to be the recipient of the 2018/2019 school supply give away. We would like to give a big thank you to Cathy Vetal & Novant Health Prince William Medical Center for their incredible generosity. If your child is in need of school supplies, tell them to stop by Ms. Salas’s office.

Lost and Found This Week!

We had many new items in the lost and found this week.

If these items below are yours, please claim it in the main office!

If items go two weeks without being claimed they will be donated or discarded.

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