Chemicals In Hair Products

MGRP Genre 1

Chemicals inside

There are thousands pf chemicals in our hair products some are dangerous and so are harmless but they all need to be used and watched with caution and none should be taken lightly

Checking Chemicals

All the chemicals in hair products MUST be tested doesn't matter if they are dangerous to you or not they must be tested and MUST PASS THE TEST!!!!!! IF THEY don't they don't get recognized as a safe product and they get safely disposed and the company that made that product has to start all over again!!!!!!!


The FDA have put tons regulations products and other cosmetics to ensure the safety of the public and they must follow the regulations there is no wiggle room when it comes to these type of matters. These two organizations have found over 10,000 chemicals and ONLY 10% ARE SAFE!!!!

Salons Caught In The Act

The FDA and OSHA have already found 3 salons that were using hair products that were not safe certified so they had to be shut down and lost their license and the products were contained studied and disposed of.