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September 24, 2014

Business Update

Surprise! Hostess Exclusive

For $25, Hostesses can get a Pro Duffle in Black, Camo, Lime Wave or Sweet Dots. Personalization is FREE! All prints are available beginning Sept. 18 while supplies last.

The Pro Duffle will be available in your Virtual Office for Hostesses for a limited time only. Be sure to check the Business Update when you book your party, when you go to your party and before you close your party because the Surprise Hostess Exclusives can always be updated based on availability.

GLOW this Halloween!

It’s no trick! Introducing our NEWEST owl embroidery – available Sept. 15 through Oct. 31 – featuring glow-in-the-dark thread. It’s the perfect addition to your Halloween festivities!

This embroidery option is available only on the Large Utility Tote, Picnic Thermal Tote, Spirit Cinch Sac and Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote, in any of our nine Spirit colors.

Show off this adorable owl with some great tools!

Hostess Coaching

Once you have a party booked, spend time Hostess Coaching. The time you invest with every Hostess before the party is an investment in your business.

Work with each Hostess to create the perfect guest list, coaching her to invite two more guests than she normally would – use a blended invitation approach, with a mixture of emails, texts … whatever works best.

Think about the kind of impact two extra guests can have. On average, every guest spends $80 per party. If you’re partying once a week this month – with two extra guests at each party – that’s 8 extra guests … or about an extra $640 in Personal Volume this month!

Two more guests at each party means more FREE products for your Hostess, plus extra commission for you!

Here are some tips to give your Hostesses.

1. Communicate to your Hostesses that sending out the party invitations is a service that you offer. “I know that you’re busy and I want to be a great partner for you with this party so I would be happy to mail the invitations out for you. That way I already have your friends information in my system and we can get the party closed and submitted faster and your friends will be thrilled that they got through the checkout line so quickly too!”

2. Don’t rely on one method of inviting. Use a blended approach such as mailing invitations, red stamp, Facebook, texting and Evite.

3. VIP guests – everyone has people that they want at their party. Have the hostess identify those special friends that will make their party more fun for them. Then work with her to ensure they can make it and invite them in a special way. Maybe it’s a personal phone call or a Snail Mail invitation with a mini or full size catalog.

4. When Hostess coaching, discover what a successful party looks like for her and set the expectation with your Hostess on the invite/attend ratio. (avg. 25- 30 % invited, attend) Go through the list of ladies she is inviting and ask personal questions about the guests and build her excitement about getting to see and visit them her during the party.

Octob {HER}

This OctobHER, Thirty-One Gives is standing strong for women impacted by either breast cancer or domestic violence as part of its mission to empower women in all stages of her life. Both causes impact many members of our Thirty-One family.

To raise money and awareness, we designed an OctobHER T-shirt available to purchase on Business Supply from Sept. 15 – Nov. 1, or while supplies last. Proceeds from each T-shirt sold will benefit the Pink Heals National Tour, a program that gives communities the opportunity to support local women.

Gives Care Ribbons
Show support for a cause close to your heart, and encourage your Customers to do the same! Personalize one of your favorite styles* with a Gives Care Ribbon.

During Sept. 15 – Oct. 31, a portion of the proceeds from every powder pink ribbon purchased will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and purple ribbon proceeds will benefit the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

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When a new Consultant joins your team during the incentive, SHE'LL EARN A FREE MEDIUM UTILITY TOTE when she reaches StartSwell Level 1 ($600 in Personal Volume in days 1-30).* New recruits can also earn a FULL $99 REBATE on their Enrollment Kit when they reach both StartSwell Levels 1 & 2!**

It gets even better! You'll also earn a free Medium Utility Tote when your first new recruit reaches StartSwell Level 1! And for each of your additional recruits who reach this level, you'll earn a $30 product credit in your Virtual Office to be used by Nov. 30, 2014.

What are you waiting for? Share the Thirty-One opportunity with recruits—have them join you on an Opportunity Call to hear about the Thirty-One difference! Click through the information below to learn about why you should recruit now and how to use the tools to help you!

Monthly Specials



Share "cinch sac" idea for trick-or-treat bag at your September and October parties

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November Specials

Team Facebook Page

So many things happening this fall! Remember to check TOT: www.thirtyonetoday.com AND if you aren't on our team Facebook page.....join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/228021653907909/

We have an exciting busy fall ahead of us and our page will help you quickly answer those questions you may have and clear up any confusion with all the amazing things coming our way!

Kelly Heckert--Senior Executive Director