Be responsable

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Bullying can be very dangerous.Like if a bully hits someone they can get nocked down and get seriously hurt.If a bully ends up calling someone names they can get there feelings hurt. Espeshaly if a bully ignores you it can make you think that the bully does not like you.That is all that I have to say about bullying.But rember do not be a bully.

Bad drugs and aolchol

Like people that use drugs you can sometimes have memory loss.When drinking can make you very dizzy. People can use drugs to trick other people that it is candy or other food.When achohol can only be used to trick people that it is water or a nother tipe of drink.Here are some simularities To start out both can be very dangerous.Another is both can be used to get rid of stress.That is how dangerous drugs and achohol can be.

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Things to say no to

If someone asked you to smoke make sure you say no.It can be very dangerous if a stranger asked you for you’re adress or even you’re phone number so make sure you say no.Definatly say no if someone asked you to steal something.Also make sure you say no to drugs.If a stranger asked you to come here make sure you say no.You especialy need to say no to bullying.That is all I have to say.Please make sure you say no to these things.