Ms. Vanessa's Biweekly Class Update

for the weeks of 2/10/13 & 2/17/13

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Class starts promptly at 8:15am

Ms. Vanessa will now start class on the carpet right at 8:15am. Please have your child in the classroom prior to this time. Upon arrival, help your child put away their things and head directly to the carpet.

Bring in a box for decorating by Weds!

Please send in a box that will be used to decorate and collect valentines: a shoe box, Kleenex box or cereal box will do. Please mark your child's name on the bottom. The kids will be decorating their boxes on Weds, Feb 13th. If you have extra boxes, please bring as well in case anyone forgets one.

Feeling Crafty? Valentine's Day Help Wanted

We need four parents to help with craft prep and man the craft tables during our super fun Valentine's Day party (see events section for details about the party). Please contact Christina ( and she'll set you up with the fun.

Also, we need one or two parents to bring 24 small bags of popcorn and 24 juice boxes for the party. Please contact Laura ( Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Golden Goal

Every few weeks, Ms. Vanessa's class works on a new golden goal. This week's goal is:
"Do your best in line." Ask your child what it means to them. You will likely receive this response as part of your interesting conversation: To do your best in line, you do four things: 1. bubble 2. taco style or hands behind back 3. face forward 4. walking feet.
We'll update you on the golden goals as they change.

New! Monthly Assembly

Last week, CWC SL had its first assembly in the Grant auditorium. The kids tried out a new program called Smart Moves, a series of exercises that help ready the mind for sitting and learning. They also heard a story about the Wind and the Sun, to learn about the idea that gentle persuasion is stronger than force. We've asked for a recap of the assemblies so that we may pass it along to you.

Homework, Homework, Homework!

Kinder homework is due on Friday and 1st grade homework is due on Monday. You will receive a reminder if the packet is not sent in by the due date (see photo). If two reminders are sent home, there will be a homework notice (see other photo) in your child's folder.
There is also a new homework wall going up in our class. It will feature ~four examples of homework from the week. Please remember to email photos to Ms. Vanessa ( & Ms. Ruth ( if you aren't able to include your homework project in the folder, such as math and sight word projects. They want to see and feature your child's hard work!
And, finally, be on the lookout for homework appreciation certificates.
Lots of fun with homework!

Teach for Understanding (TfU)

You may have heard mention of TfU. It is part of the K/1 curriculum. In the past weeks, our kids have learned about the five senses, even sketching Ms. Vanessa in fairy wings and crazy glasses as part of the "sight" portion of the exploration. Last week, our kids learned about living and non living things. They went outside and sketched several living and non living things and discussed what makes something live and grow. They also made a collage of living and non living things and observed a living plant at their desk. Next week, they will be growing seeds. This marks the beginning of the gardening portion of the curriculum.

New! Scholastic Book Club & Free Book Offer

Looking for leveled books to read at home? Check out our new class Scholastic page. For every book you order, our class will receive a free book...and we need some of these. You can search by guided reading level to find the books that are right for your child (see photo). Orders for this month are due on February 15th and books will be delivered in approximately 10 days. There is a special this month: you get a free book coupon with your order good toward your next order! Our class activation code is: LZ38M. Visit Scholastic here:

Your Help is Needed on February 26th

The art room is in need of regular cleaning, and each classroom has been assigned a date to help out. Our date is February 26th. It is just general organization and wiping down desks and materials. Will you, won't you, please help us? Please let Christina know (

Star of the Week--What is it?

The Star of the Week program is intended for kids to get to know one another and also have a very special week. Two kids are randomly selected every week. By the end of the year, every child will have experienced being the star of the week (one per child). It is a lot of fun and the kids get to take home a stuffed bear and write in a special journal about how they spent their week with their furry friend. When your child is selected, you will receive detailed info about what happens during the week.

Wanted: Unifix Cubes & Magnetic Letters

Ms. Vanessa is in need of these unifix cubes for teaching math and magnetic letters for a whole bunch of things. If you are interested in purchasing them for the class, please contact Susan (

Unifix cubes:

We also really need skinny black expo dry erase markers:

Emergency Kits

If you haven't already done so, please turn in your child's emergency kit ASAP. The list can be found here:

Need to check the status of your Read Around the World Pledges?

There is about $10,000 in uncollected pledges from our Fall fundraising campaign. If you want to make sure your pledges have been turned in, you can check the status by emailing: and provide your child's name. It is also not too late to turn in any funds you have collected to the front office.


CWCSL Town Hall Meeting--February 12, 2013 @ 5:00-6:30

Please join us for our second town hall at the Assistance League. Come and learn about CWC's history, its new discipline handbook and program, volunteer opportunities and more.

Stay after to join in a fun, family potluck celebration--it is Mardi Gras after all!

Christina will have a sign up sheet on Monday, on our front door.

Limited childcare will be provided. Please contact Jen Lim at 323-668-1553 to reserve a childcare spot.

Ms. V's Class Valentine's Day Party

We're having a Valentine's Day party on 2/14 at 1:15pm. The kids will make a box to collect valentines and exchange cards. Please have your kids make 22 valentines (plus teachers and, at your discretion, any staff, such as PE, administration, art). As a reminder, we are a no candy/sugar treats school.

Children's names were included in last week's homework folder.

Laura, Roman's mom, is coordinating the party. Her email is:

If you would like to help or have ideas.

Who to Contact

Our Room Parents

Under the leadership of Ms. Vanessa, our Room Parents are: Christina (Zosia), Laura (Roman), Susan (Colton) and Tamara (Jaffe).

Christina ( helps with: Organizing parent volunteers (i.e. drop off, tutors, clean up, lunches, and mystery reader) and organizing parents nights out and child play dates

Laura ( helps with: Organizing parties for the classroom, translation of the newsletter and co-coordinating field trips

Susan ( helps with: Newsletter, organizing scholastic book orders, and maintaining class wishlist

Tamara ( helps with: Representing our class at Friday Parent Meetings, emailing notes from those meetings to room parents, coordinating Find and Remind, co-coordinating field trips and is our treasurer