Two types of Radiographer Diagnostic and Therapeutic

The education you need

The most common degree completed by those seeking a career in Radiography is a 2-year associate's degree in radiation science. Coursework will include topics such as anatomy, biology and medical record keeping. Licensure laws vary by state, but most states require a board exam to be passed before a Radiography Technician can be licensed to practice.

Job Description/What a Radographer does?

A Radiographer or Radiography Technician creates medical images to assist physicians in diagnosing a patient's injury or disease. Radiographers take x-rays and use radiation therapy to treat patients' cancerous tumors.

Pay Scale

Yealy Salary- 34,164 - 40,965

20 years or more- 39,000 - 51,055

Where are Jobs available?

Hospital's Taking X-rays!