Regal Leader

Volume 63 - November 5, 2018

The Week Ahead


Here is what I have scheduled for next week. Let me know if you have questions about conferences (or anything else). Have fun the next 2 days.

Monday: Emergency Plan Meeting @ 10:00, Enrollment Ad Hoc Meeting @ 3:30

Wednesday: Mass @ 2:15

Thursday: Policy Comm. @ 9:00, No afternoon meeting, P/T Conferences from 4:00-8:00

Friday: No school - P/T Conferences from 8:00-12:00

Morning Prayer This Week

Nov 5-Nov 8: Respect for Diversity

Almighty God, through your Holy Spirit you created unity in the midst of diversity;

We acknowledge that human diversity is an expression

of your manifold love for your creation;

We confess that in our brokenness as human beings we turn diversity into a source of

alienation, injustice, oppression, and wounding.

Empower us to recognize and celebrate differences

as your great gift to the human family.

Enable us to be the architects of understanding, of respect and love;

Through the Lord, the ground of all unity, we pray. Amen

Mass on Wednesday

We have Mass at 2:15 on Wednesday. Please be sure to accompany your students to the gym and remind them to be quiet as they proceed to the gym.

No Meeting on Thursday

Be back for conferences at 4:00.

Conferences on Thursday and Friday

We have parent teacher conferences on Thursday (4:00-8:00) and Friday (8:00-12:00). You are free to leave at 12:00. Thanks!