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Lincoln CUBS Kids - In the Restroom

The 3rd Grade Kindergarten Helpers made a great video last week about behavior expectations in the Restrooms. We can't wait to see what video the 3rd grade students will make about Hallway expectations. See the video below.

But It's Just a Game

Did you know that 97% of young people regularly play video games and of these up to 15% become addicted according to the American Medical Association's Council on Science and Public Health? That's over 5 million kids!

Julia Cook's book, But It's Just a Game, gives kids (and parents too) some advice on limiting "screen time" and hopefully preventing a screen addiction in kids. Here's the link to it if you would like to purchase it on

At the back of the book are several tips for parents of kids with a potential screen addiction:
  • Make sure the rules are reasonable and enforceable.
  • While setting limits, be honest about your concerns.
  • Insist that non-screen activities occur each day.
  • Taper "screen time"
  • Limit access to all forms of technology.
  • Get family members to commit to backing the parent's decision to set serious limits on technology use.
  • If possible, have a separate computer on which to do school work.
  • Have a central location for the computer and game console.
  • Introduce the compulsive Internet user to peers who handle their Internet use sensibly.
  • Be patient in the process.

Join us for Winter Reading 2014 At the Clay Center Carnegie Library

POP! Open a Good Book!

Sign-up Beginning January 20th

Family Readers(K and younger) read 20 books

Early Readers(1st-2nd grade) read 10 books

Advanced Readers(3rd-5th grade) read 4 books

Attend any or all of the following Monday programs at 4:00pm

Jan. 20th We love Popcorn!

Jan.27th Feed the Birds!

Feb. 3rd Milford Nature Center

Feb. 10th Come watch Mary Poppins

(movie is 2hrs 20 mins)

Saturday February 15th Celebration Party

Come & Go 10:30-1:30

Questions call 758-632-3889

Looking for something to do as a family?

Football: The Exhibit at the Flint Hills Discovery Center is a 3,000 square foot exhibit that introduces visitors to the science, mathematics and technology behind the game and how they relate to our everyday lives. This highly interactive exhibit provides hands-on learning covering a wide array of science topics through football themed areas such as Forward Pass and Game at the Line of Scrimmage.

Football brings all the excitement and experience of playing football while also teaching about the science that makes it all possible. Test your throwing skills in the Passing Cage area and learn what they truly mean when they say someone has a “rifle arm.” Try and match the speed of an NFL running back and learn the ideal trajectory for kicking a field goal. Football covers everything from the history of the game to the science of catching a pass!

Upcoming Events

Jan. 20 - No School, Teacher Inservice
Jan. 28 - 100th Day of School Celebration - 1st Grade to District Gym in the morning for station activities.
Jan. 30 - 100th Day of School Celebration - Kindergarten activities at Lincoln School 1:00-2:15.
Jan. 30 - Dental Clinic
Feb. 7 - 1:00 Dismissal