Country Comparison by GDP

By: Ryan Bleakley


GDP World Ranks

Purchasing Power: 35th- $393.8 billion

Real Growth Rate: 177th- .9%

Per Capita: 26th- $40,900

Composition by Sector of Origin

Agriculture: 2%

Industry: 31.3%

Service: 66.8%


GDP World Ranks

Purchasing Power: 174th- $4.45 billion

Real Growth Rate: 116th- 3%

Per Capita: 161st- $4,900

Composition by Sector of Origin

Agriculture: 11.7%

Industry: 18.1%

Service: 70.2%

Comparing the Numbers

What do the GDP ranks tell about the country? Why does each country rank the way it does?

The poorer country has more room to grow, as the richer country has already reached significant growth, not allowing much more room for improvement, giving Fiji a better Real Growth Rate GDP. Since the rich country is more overall developed, it has a larger Purchasing Power GDP.

What does the Service portion of the GDP by sector suggest about how the people of each country spend their money, and how the country gains money?

In Fiji's case, much of their population works for services, which tells us that they make most of their money from the tourism industry, due to the beautiful, tropical country, as seen above. On the other hand, Sweden has a high service percentage because they have the money to spend on entertainment, that services give to them.