Curtis Pide

by Abigail Elder

who is Curtis Pride

Curtis Pride was born on December 17th 1968, and at nine months he was announced deaf. Curtis Pride grew up in Washington D.C. And was a very athletic guy, he played baseball, basketball, and played for the U.S.A soccer team.

Why was Cutis Pride considered famous

Curtis Pride was considered famous because he was a major league baseball player that was deaf in the outfield. Curtis pride was also famous because of his soccer achievements playing for the U.S.A team in 1985.

Where was Curtis Pride schooled

Curtis Pride attended college of William and Mary.

where is Curtis Pride now

Curtis Pride is at the age of 46 at this time he is a college head coach at Gallaudet University. When deaf you can still be very successful.

"All my life I've believed in myself, and i have never given up." - Curtis Pride

Did You Know

Curtis Pride completed college as a student athlete and also played basketball.

Curtis pride moved to silver spring Maryland at age 2 and was enrolled in the Montgomery county public school systems auditory service infant program.

Curtis pride graduated with a 3.6 GPA.

He played for the U.S.A soccer team in 1985 and 17 world championships in china.

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