Bill Gates

By Andre McDaniels

Bill Gates was born on October 28 ,1955 in seattle ,Washington & at the age of 13 through technological innovations ,he & his friend ( partner) Paul Allen put there minds together to build the worlds largest software business & in the process Bill gates became the richest man at the time & one of the richest man today.

Company history

Paul & Bill worked on programs for most of their free time & taking advantage of software glitches to obtain free computer time .In 1970 Bill went into business with Paul & developed traf-o-data- which was a computer program that monitors traffic patterns in Seattle. In 1975 Bill & paul formed a partnership they called Microsoft which was a blend of micro computers & software .In 1985 Bill & Microsoft launched windows .In 1994 Bill & his wife established a " William H Gates " foundation which supports education & health .

What Is the person known for today

Today this company is known for most of our new technology in computers such as Microsoft or windows, also known for the foundations that he created & also for the big boom in the Microsoft industry .

Other facts about the person or company

Through 1978-1981 Microsoft growth exploded & staff increased from 25 to 128 & also the money went from 4 million to 16 million .In 1981 Bill & Paul incorporated Microsoft & Bill was appointed president & chairmen of the board & Paul was the Vice President & in 1983 Microsoft went global with offices in Great Britain & Japan .

bill took Microsoft public with an intial public offering of $21 per share & overtime the company stock increased in value & split numerous time & by 1987 Bill was a billionaire when stock raised to 90.75 a share .

Personal thoughts

I think Bill was successful because he had a set mind & didn't let anyone or anything get in his way & also for his free time he was more into books & less into entertainment
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Life Story of Bill Gates - Documentary