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October 17, 2018

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Indiana Connected Educators (ICE) Resources

We have put together some awesome resources gathered for you at the ICE Conference last week. We hope you enjoy the many links and downloads to incredible information

Thanks to all who gathered and shared!

Casey Stansifer - Principal Huntertown, Elementary

At last week's ICE conference, Casey shared a session on using Google Slides to create sections in Google Forms to branch into different story endings. Add his Google Slide deck ( to your Drive and experience the "It All Goes to Heck" story on slide 6 to see how the sections come into play.

Let Julie or Pam know if you need help with this feature of Forms. We love to help!

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Manuel Herrera - Design Thinking with Sketchnote

Manuel is the Coordinator of 1:1 Programs and Design Space facilitator for the Affton School District located in St. Louis, Missouri. Manuel shared his session on Drawing as a Thinking Process.


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Faith Plunkett - Technology Coach from Decatur, AL

Faith shared a session and Google slide deck on Creating with Code. You can see her resources here.
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Brenda Zoller

Brenda's Notes...

Session 1 Animate to Educate and Using Video Animation to empower


Sample Activities

Presentation and Links

Video Animation Tools: Plotagon, Wevideo, Pixton, Animoto

Presenter Melanie Hackett

Session 2 Create a Digital Book with Pages on iPad

Using Pages, Keynote, and Numbers to create a digital book.

Presenter: Apple Speak

Session 3 Writing Should be Fun!

Increase student interest in daily writing through online writing platform WriteAbout. Free for 3 months. Use for quick writes, response to literature, content-area writing, or process for any genre.

Presenter: Jenifer Luce

Session 4 Reclaiming the Lost Art of Conversation

Tools to get students to converse again: Have kids make short videos in a group and then discuss their videos. Assign them to make memes about class concepts in a group. Project Based Learning.

Presenter Gina Jensen

Session 5 Create Your Own Adventure with Google Forms

Using Google Forms you can have students choose different options for students to go on their own path. They have to explain why they chose a certain path. You can set the number of words you want them to write.

Presenter Casey Stansifer

Peyton Law

Peyton's Notes...

Session 1

Voices of the Media: How They Counteract SEL and How Media Literacy Can Help

Presenter: Julie Smith


Twitter: @julnilsmith

  • The average American uses electronic media for 11+ hours a day

  • It’s not about the equipment; it’s about the message it’s sending

Ask yourself...

  • Who is the communicator of the message?

  • How is the message constructed?

  • How does it make us feel?

  • What is the content of the message?

  • Manifest vs. Latent

  • Who is the audience?

  • What patterns are there?

  • Cynicism

  • Performative Sharing

  • Activate Internal BS Detector

National Association for Media Literacy Education

Action Coalition for Media Education (Angry NAMLE)

Center for Media Literacy

How We Use It vs. How It Uses Us

Session 2

Getting Your Students to Think Like an Imagineer

Brian Collins

Twitter: @brainstorminst

Facebook: Educators Who Love Disney

Don’t Force It

Take Breaks, Break Up the Day

Thinking Out Loud

Story is King

Rules for Brainstorming

  • Silliness, fun, and playing are encouraged. Make us laugh and take nothing personally. And, just like in Vegas, what happens here...stays here.

  • Participation by everyone is vital. No passive observers and no egos. Everyone is equal today.

  • Accumulate lots of ideas. Go for quantity-the quality will come later.

  • Write down everything; don’t let ideas escape.

  • Criticism and judgment are to be withheld. Every idea has merit-hopefully!

  • Stay focused! No cell phones, no wandering thoughts. Build on other people’s ideas.

Session 3

Fan Activism: Using Pop Culture for Social Change

Janae Phillips

Twitter: @thehpalliance (The Harry Potter Alliance)

Twitter: @Janaeisms (Personal)

Social Change Model of Leadership Development

  • The heroes journey mirrors the model of leadership development

The Harry Potter Alliance promotes social activism through references to pop culture. They provide resources online to start your own chapter.

The Harry Potter Alliance Website:

Session 4

Google Keep-What You Never Knew You Couldn’t Live Without

Sara Wilking

Twitter: @SaraWilking


Session 5

Sketchnoting: Visual Synthesis and Reflection

Reshan Richards

Twitter: @ReshanRichards

Ted Talk: (Doodlers, unite!)

Ask yourself, “How can I visually capture what is here?”

Steps to simple Sketchnoting

  1. Start with basic shapes

  2. Add simple details

  3. Add details around the shape to clarify

For example:

  • A square could be easily turned into a box, a window, a present, a computer, etc.

  • A cloud could easily be turned into ice cream, a hedgehog, cotton candy, an ice cream cone, a sheep, etc.

Turn your handwriting into a font for digital Sketchnoting:

Session 6

Time Savers! Google Add-Ons and Extensions

Eric Strohlberg

Twitter: @estrohlberg


Krista Cartwright

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sketchnote by Sylvia Duckworth

Melanie Potts

Melanie's Notes...

Science Journal

Science Buddies

Teach Like a Student

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Julie and Pam's - Coding Craze ICE Session

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