High School Observation

East High - Gebilet Mowes

First Impressions...

Lying in bed before getting ready to start my morning I found that I was kind of nervous to spend the day with high schoolers. I regard my high school days as an overall gut wrenching experience, but at the same time, I was excited to observe them while being on the other side.

The school is ginormous and I wondered how any 14 year old freshman can manage their way around! Coming from the small town of Goddard, I always hear talk of East High being the 'ghetto' school. Absolutely ridiculous, because I found the staff and students to be extremely courteous and SMART!

Throughout the day...

The English classroom I spent the day in was not like anything I was used to. I noticed that the wood floors and uniform lining of the desk-chairs gave the impression of a very strict environment. I saw later that nearly all of the classrooms were set up like that. It was very classic.

Very much like the elementary and middle schoolers, the high school kids did not give two hoots about me observing them. I expected them to be much more aware and awkward because of a strangers presence in such close proximity, but they could not have cared any less.

The main thing I noticed was that the teacher had a harder time controlling the students than at any other grade level. I also got a sense that they did not have much interest in the subject. However, just like with the other grade levels, you have your outspoken star students who answer every question, the completely disinterested kids, and the quietly reserved students. In my eyes, they all had the knowledge, but maybe the inspiration was not being drawn out of them all.


After firmly believing for so long that I could never teach high school students, I came to the realization that I would love to! I think they are the jaded ones that they really need young teachers who can relate to them and have the energy to handle their sometimes rotten attitudes and general disinterest. High school students need someone to give them that last oomph before graduation.