Cowboy Coaching Corner

Learning Together ~ February 2016

February/March PLC Schedule

February 8

February 17 (only Special Services 1:15 - 2:30)

February 25

March 24

Please consider what you would like to work on during PLC this month and be sure to update your agenda. If your team needs some ideas, don't hesitate to talk with me.

Units of Study - Monday, February 15th Professional Learning

With our grant money from the fall, we were able to order a new Writing Units of Study kit by Lucy Calkins for each grade level as well as a new Units of Study for Teaching Reading! You will be using the Writing Units of Study in our professional learning on Monday, February 15th with our presenters, Trent DeBerry and Alyssa Newman. Please be sure to bring your current Writing Units of Study and I'll be sure your new kit is there as well. I am not sure how similar they are, but bring them just in case!
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