you become what you practice!


More and more teens are smoking. Smoking can kill you. Smoking is bad and the environment and if you smoke you can get lung cancer and die. That so you need some ways to stop. Gum is a good way to stop. And try to throw away your cigarettes.


If you say yes to drugs. But what if you said no. Here are some ways to say no. First try to walk away and try not to look back. Next try to change the subject to something you like. Finally if you say yes, then you made a bad choice


Drugs have nicotine in them and niketan is bad for you and allows addictive drugs can send a lot of people to the hoople and they could have life threatening problems if you get pulled over and have drugs you can go to bad a while drugs have a big effect on your body people sell drugs to make money.



the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

"he committed the theft to finance his drug addiction" smoking


emit smoke or visible vapor"heat the oil until it just smokes


  • how bad can smoking get?
  • how many people smoke ?
  • how many drugs are out there?
  • how many people do drugs?