Its not just your right... Its your responsibility!

Censorship - you CAN handle the truth

All people must have the freedom when expressing their opinions. If you have something that you really believe in you owe it to yourself to express it. Censorship limits the world to black and white... Be the one to add some colour.  

Rights and Responsibilities

Freedom... What is it to you?

Freedom of expression is something we all must treasure! Whilst we have it as a right and see it as our entitlement others are not so fourtunate. Imagine if saying what you really think could end your life... Would you speak up then?Freedom of expression is something that gives great power... Both good and evil. Each time you speak your mind, write your thoughts, or express your opinon... THINK! What do I want to achieve? What damage or offense can I cause to others?

By Chloe Hampton