By Aaron And Erik...

What is hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity is a source of energy. Hyrdo comes from the Greek word water. Hydro meaning water Hydroelectricity is generated by the force of water. It's one of the cleanest sources of electricity on the planet, and it can be provided at a reasonable cost. Hyrdoelectricity plants have been in work for 50-100 years.

Advantages of using hyrdoelectricity

Hydroelectricity uses the energy of running water, without reducing its quantity or quality, to produce electricity. This means, all hydroelectric developments fit the concept of renewable energy.

Hydroelectric power plant reservoirs collect rainwater. In storing water, they protect the water tables and reduce our chances to floods and droughts.

Usually there is a lake that forms behind the dam and is able to be used for water sports and activities for pleasure.