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Week of 10/9/15

LRC Centers up & running: This month's learning-

  • Research: Big 6- 1-4; Super 3- 1-2
  • Book: Marketing the LRC & iPICK books
  • Creation Station: Plan/creating inventions & computer coding
  • Connection: Face-to-face communication & LRC blog

SEL Hot Read

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  • Destiny App will be pushed out to K-2 students this week
  • Students will be taught it use in LRC
  • App gives access to PebbleGo research Tool
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Let me make it easier for you! I can partner with CDT Units or Research!

  • Research/informational Literacy is part of the LRC curriculum, but it can't be a stand alone only 1x/week, especially with all of the CDT units, new literacy expectations, etc.
  • Let me help you! Part of your students work can be completed in the LRC.

I'd love to meet with any team to collaborate with any research units, give some tips with google docs or learn ideas from you on research methods that are currently being utilized, so the kids can be on the same page! Just let me know!

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K-2 Don't forget about PebbleGo for research! Watch video for How-To!

How To PebbleGo